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What's New at Hightouch? (Jan 2023)

2023 may have just started, but our engineering team had one of their busiest months. Check out all the new features and improvements we made in January.

Luke Kline.

Luke Kline

January 31, 2023

3 minutes

New Hightouch features and integrations.

New Features

Personalization API: This month, we launched our brand-new Personalization API, allowing you to programmatically query and return data from your data warehouse models in real-time. This highly performant API allows you to pull data directly from your warehouse with sub-30 millisecond latency.

Personalization API architecture diagram

Data Sources

Azure Blob Storage and Google Cloud Storage are both officially available as data sources in the Hightouch app. You can now read from a CSV or JSON file.

AWS Private Link: We’ve launched AWS PrivateLink support for Snowflake. Business Tier customers can now securely connect their Snowflake accounts (in certain regions) to Hightouch via AWS’s private backbone network. This ensures sensitive data is not exposed to the public internet.

New Destinations

DV360: You can now sync custom audiences directly to DV360 to power your paid media campaigns. Optimize your ad spend and target your campaigns with more granularity.

Eloqua: Push data from various sources into Eloqua to maintain up-to-date contacts and contact segments for your marketing automation. Streamline your ability to trigger marketing campaigns to target customers and prospective clients.

Destination Enhancements

Facebook Custom Audiences: We’ve updated our Facebook destination to support the following features:

  • Opt out of removing users from audiences
  • Sync to an existing audience
  • Auto hash detection

TikTok: We’ve added support for TikTok’s Segment API so you can match fields using multiple IDs to optimize your match rates. You now have the option to sync data directly to your existing TikTok audiences. Instead of having to select a calculateType, you can select which field you want to match on. Read our

Asana: You can now mark a task as completed once a row has been deleted.

Iterable: Our Iterable destination now supports commerce events like updateCart and trackPurchase. You can now perform API actions like delete, forget, and unforget users in our Iterable destination.

  • Delete: Deleting a user removes all their information from an Iterable project: user id, user profile, subscription preferences, list memberships, campaign events, and custom events. This does not prevent Iterable from collecting more data about the user, if it’s ever received.
  • Forget: Delete the specified user’s data from the iterable project and prevent future data collection about them (in compliance with GDPR.)
  • Unforget: Allow the iterable project to resume collecting data about a previously forgotten user. Deleted data cannot be recovered.

Anaplan: Previously, Hightouch users had to provide us with their usernames and password. Now, we can make requests to your account via 0Auth and generate an access_token and make requests to your account on your behalf.

Hubspot: Our Hubspot integration now supports the line items object. You can now sync details about product, quantity, or price directly to Hubspot.

HTTP Request: When providing configuration for headers, you can now obscure certain properties in the UI and encrypt these properties in storage. Read our docs for more info.

Platform Enhancements

Hightouch Audiences: We've updated our audience builder so you can create more complex and dynamic audiences using nested AND/OR functionality.

Hightouch Audiences query builder

Resource Activity Feeds: Hightouch users can now see who made changes to a given resource. Activity feeds will show information about any draft associated with a change and who approved it. Changes made in Git will also be displayed.

Resource activity feed

Folders: You can now organize your syncs, models, and audiences into folders.

Hightouch folders

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