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What's New at Hightouch (July 2022)

Check out the latest destinations, and enhancements we've made to our platform and integrations.

Luke Kline.

Luke Kline

August 1, 2022

4 minutes

What's New at Hightouch (July 2022).

It’s hard to believe that July has already flown by. Don't worry, we’ve been hard at work. This month we’ve rolled out a ton of new destinations and enhancements to our platform and integrations.

New Destinations

Group 1650.png

  • HubDB Destination: Build richer customer experiences with Hubspot’s relational database.
  • Emarsys Destination: Drive customer experiences based on user activity like cart abandonment or new signups.
  • NetSuite (Rest) Destination: Use Hightouch for specific objects that don’t work with other APIs like custom Transactions or SuiteBilling.
  • Rockset Destination: Power your in-app experiences with data directly from your warehouse.
  • Campaign Monitor Destination: Create more engaging content focused and drive more conversions using the data in your warehouse.
  • Microsoft OneDrive Destination: Export data directly from your warehouse as a .json or .csv file and save it directly in OneDrive.
  • DropBox Destination: Export your data directly from your warehouse as a .json or .csv file and save it directly in Google Drive.
  • Campaigner Destination: Take advantage of our latest Campaigner destination. Use your warehouse to add new subscribers and build suppression lists to exclude certain users from campaigns.

Destination Enhancements

Platform Enhancements

  • Revamped Destination Catalog: We’ve completely revamped our destination catalog. You can now search for destinations based on your specific use cases.

    revamped destination catalog.png

  • Extensions: Connect, configure, and manage all of our ecosystem integrations in a centralized location.


  • Bulk Sync Configuration: Configure your syncs in bulk.

    bulk sync config.gif

  • Git Sync Enhancement: See exactly which user created/updated specific resources and also whether or not a resource has been changed in your git log.

    git sync enhancement.png

  • Advanced User Permissions: Previously, Hightouch only supported three high-level roles: admin, editor, and viewer. Now admins can create custom users and groups and define specific roles, policies, and labels across people, projects, and Hightouch resources.

    Image of Access Control Diagram

  • Databricks Partner Connect: Hightouch is officially available on Databricks Partner Connect. You can now provision your Hightouch workspace directly in your Lakehouse.

    databricks partner connect.png

  • Dagster Integration: Fine-tune your Hightouch syncs, visualize their dependencies and monitor the steps in your Data Activation flow with our Dagster integration.

    dagster integration.png

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