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What's New at Hightouch (Dec 2022)

2022 is nearly over. Check out all of the new integrations, features, and improvements we rolled out in December.

Craig Dennis.

Craig Dennis

December 22, 2022

3 minutes

Displaying logos of new features at Hightouch.

2022 is nearly over. But just because it's the last month of the year doesn't mean things stop at Hightouch. Have a look at some of the new features and improvements rolled out in December.

New Data Sources

Azure Synapse: Azure Synapse is officially available as a data source. You can now sync data to any of our 125+ destinations. Read our docs for more info.

New Azure Synapse Data Source

Greenplum Database: Greenplum Database is officially a data source. You can now sync data to any of our 125+ destinations. Read our docs for more info.

Greenplum Database Data Source

New Destinations

Criteo: Enrich Criteo with robust data from your warehouse to create and update audience memberships so you can reach your most engaged and active shoppers with personalized campaigns. Read our docs for more info.

New Criteo Desination

Bloomreach: Sync data from your warehouse directly to Bloomreach to enrich your customer profiles and build better 1:1 experiences so you can target the right customers at the right time. Read our docs for more info.

New Bloomreach Destination

Destination Enhancements

Trade Desk Segments: Our Trade Desk integration now supports CRM data and First party data segments. Sync lists of customers or users to two different endpoints to power highly targeted advertising campaigns, leveraging PII data or other unique identifiers. Read our docs for more info.

Trade Desk Segment Screenshot

Google Ads Enhancements: You can now use the advanced mapper for Google Ads to create mappings that include a static value, a sync-based variable value, or complex values using the Liquid templating language.

You can also sync users to user lists that already exist in Google Ads, and if certain column mappings require hashing, it will automatically convert them to the required hash value if it’s not hashed already.

Check out the advanced mapper docs here and the Google Ads docs here for more information.

Google Ads User List Screenshot

Google Ads Advanced Mapper

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