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What’s New at Hightouch (June 2022)

Catch up on all the latest Hightouch features, platform enhancements, and integrations released in June 2022.

Luke Kline.

Luke Kline

July 1, 2022

6 minutes

What’s New at Hightouch (June 2022).

With both Snowflake Summit and Databricks Summit coming to a wrap, we’re heading into some of the hottest months of the summer. The good news is we’ve been hard at work building out some even hotter features and platform enhancements for you.

New Features:

Over the last month, we’ve been heads down building new features for both data and business teams.

  • Traits: Last year we launched Hightouch Audiences, giving you a no-code audience manager. The problem was you still had to ask your data team to write complex SQL queries to calculate fields for your audiences. With traits, you can now calculate user attributes directly in Hightouch to use in parallel with Hightouch audiences to further improve your personalization capabilities across marketing channels – all in a no-code interface. Computations in traits include:

    • Sum ➡️ Sum of price of all purchases a user has made in their lifetime
    • Count ➡️ Count of songs listened to in the past 2 weeks
    • Most Frequent ➡️ Most Frequent category of articles read
    • First ➡️ First page a user visited
    • Last ➡️ Last product a user viewed
    • Custom SQL ➡️ All Product SKUs a user added to cart before abandoning

Image of traits feature

Traits UI

Image of Traits feature 2

Traits UI

  • Sync Logs: We believe that everyone should work in the tools they love, and for data engineers, that’s the data warehouse. We created Sync Logs to write information on the status of each row of your sync back into your warehouse so you can dig deeper into trends and errors about your Hightouch syncs with the full flexibility of SQL. If you’re interested in learning more, watch this short demo.

image of sync logs in the warehouse

Sync Logs

  • Partner Connect: Hightouch is now available directly through Snowflake Partner Connect and Databricks Partner Connect. With just a few simple clicks you can start syncing data to any of our 200+ destinations.

Image Snowflake Partner Connect

Snowflake Partner Connect

New Destinations

We added another ad platform to our tool belt of destinations.

  • Amazon Ads: Send custom audiences directly to Amazon Ads to improve your ROAS, identify lookalike audiences, and launch retargeting campaigns. Currently, we support syncing records using cookie IDs, mobile advertising IDs, or external IDs.

image of amazon ads destination

Amazon Ads Destination

Destination Enhancements

We’ve also made several enhancements to our existing destinations.

  • PGP Encryption for SFTP: When setting up an SFTP destination you can now provide a PGP public key to encrypt all your files in transit.

PGP Encryption for SFTP.png

SFTP PGP Encryption

  • Facebook Audience Sharing: It’s even easier for you to launch marketing campaigns because Hightouch now supports audience sharing with other ad accounts on Facebook.

Image of Facebook Audience sharing

Facebook Audience Sharing

  • MongoDB Advanced Mappings: Support for advanced mappings is now available in MongoDB. Leverage column values, static values, variable values, and templates.

image of MongoDB Advanced Mappings

MongoDB Advanced Mapping

  • Snowflake RSA Authentication: Take advantage of our latest authentication method and connect to Snowflake more securely using an RSA Private Key. You can now use a key file and a passphrase to decrypt that key file.

Image of Snowflake RSA Authentication

Snowflake RSA Authentication

Platform Enhancements

This month we were heavily focused on enhancing our platform so we rolled out a ton of improvements.

  • Role-based Invites: Specify roles when inviting new users to your workspace.

image of role-based invites

Role-Based Invites

  • Sync-Level Errors: Gain more visibility into sync-level errors so that when syncs totally fail, you have more actionable info to resolve them.

Image of Sync Level Errors before

Sync-Level Errors Before

Image of sync-level errors after

Sync-Level Errors After

  • Filtering, Labels, & Custom Views: We’ve added filtering, labels, and custom views to sources, syncs, models, and destinations. You can create labels using key values, build filters using resource-specific information, and save views based on filters that you define.

Filtering, Labels, Custom Views 1.png

Filtering, Labels, & Custom Views

  • Sample Models: With sample models, it’s even easier to take Hightouch for a spin because you don’t need to bring any data or write any SQL.

image of sample models

Sample Models

  • Re-Sync Reasons: If a sync run triggers a full resync the Hightouch UI will now show if:
    • The user manually triggered a full resync
    • The in-warehouse planner added columns
    • The in-warehouse planner detected column type changes
    • The destination detected mapping changes

image of re-sync reasons

Re-Sync Reasons

  • File Drag/Drop Functionality: For data types/operators that support multiple values, you can now simply drag and drop your desired CSV into Hightouch Audiences and the values in your file will populate the field.

image of file drag and drop functionality

File Drag/Drop Functionality

  • Bulk Source Deletion Model: Delete sources in bulk and view the various dependencies between them.

Image of deleting sources in bulk

Bulk Source Deletion Model

  • New Airflow Operator: We’ve updated our backend API to unlock better tooling around our Airflow Operator. All operators are now synchronous by default, which means they wait for the sync to complete before returning a successful response. You can trigger syncs via IDs or slugs, log sync progress through different statuses as well as % complete, and also log more details on sync completion.

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