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No More Silos: Act on All Your Data with Hightouch and HubSpot

Take action on customer data insights and incorporate customer trends into every aspect of your go-to-market strategy by connecting Hightouch & HubSpot.

Katherine Boyarsky.

Katherine Boyarsky

Nate Wardwell.

Nate Wardwell

April 24, 2024

6 minutes

No More Silos: Act on All Your Data with Hightouch and HubSpot.

Recently, HubSpot found that disconnected systems are the #1 pain point for companies in their market. Disjointed data leaves customer success agents stuck in react mode. It hamstrings marketers without support from engineering and analytics teams. It burdens analysts with creating and managing pipelines, rather than uncovering new value in their data.

Teams can get better results when their data is aggregated in one place, like the data warehouse, and when their systems are connected. The Hightouch app for HubSpot keeps HubSpot up-to-date with complete data from the data warehouse. With fresh customer data available to all teams, sales can tailor their approaches, marketing delivers the right messages throughout the customer journey, and data teams can spend their time building models that scale.

How Hightouch and Hubspot Break Down Data Silos

Historically, many teams have relied on traditional Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) to collect and unify data, before sending it to tools like HubSpot. While CDPs promise to connect systems and unify data, they are limited in the types of data they can ingest (mostly users and events— with no support for accounts, households, or other entities) and operate separately from cloud data warehouses where companies store the majority of their data.

Hightouch’s Composable CDP leverages the complete (and completely flexible) data in the data warehouse. Teams can enrich HubSpot and their other tools with all of their data, and can also update key entities like accounts and households.

Not only does Hightouch break down data silos in traditional CDPs– but it also makes data more accessible and actionable for non-technical users. Go-to-market teams can move faster with user-friendly visual audience builder, AI-powered campaign analytics, and more. And integration setup and testing can happen in days, not months. Ultimately, teams can use Hightouch to access all of their data, and make sure that complete data is also available in HubSpot.

3 Ways to Use Hightouch and HubSpot to Act on Data

Proactively engage users with a 360° customer view in HubSpot

Customer 360 in HubSpot

Surface customer insights from Hightouch in HubSpot to be proactive, not reactive.

Customer success teams shouldn’t have to cross-reference multiple tools to understand the customer journey. The Hightouch app for HubSpot makes it easy for operations teams to sync all of their customer data into a single view, where their sales and success peers already work every day. More team members can create rich, actionable customer profiles without specialized training.

Marketing operations manager Jake Levinger describes the difference in surfacing customer insights for his teams at Retool.

"We have really granular data about our customers in the warehouse, but it generally gathers dust there,” said Levinger. “Hightouch makes this data more valuable and actionable by allowing us to make it available across our marketing stack and business systems. All without relying on product and engineering.”

By feeding CDP information directly into HubSpot, customer-facing teams can act with a full understanding of their audiences, and use data to be proactive. Hightouch surfaces changes in customer usage patterns directly in HubSpot, enabling customer service reps to proactively identify potential at-risk, upsell, or cross-sell opportunities.

Automatically personalize lifecycle marketing in HubSpot

Personalize in HubSpot

Improve lifecycle marketing and reduce churn rates with personalization and customer intelligence.

Access to more detailed customer insights allows marketers to deliver consistent, hyper-personalized content across channels with campaigns powered by robust and up-to-date customer data. Marketing teams can customize emails based on a customer’s recent product usage, or congratulate them for reaching milestones within the product. Hightouch gives marketers the self-serve tools to access a range of customer data that informs lifecycle marketing across a variety of channels.

When brands use data and personalization correctly, customers receive a cohesive content experience with messaging that is relevant and resonates.

“With Hightouch, we have confidence that we can get the data we need into HubSpot to run campaigns with fresh data to add that personal touch,” Levinger noted.

Using HubSpot and Hightouch together, marketers can easily create, manage, and test audience segmentation with the accuracy and efficiency of a dedicated analytics team.

Optimize machine learning models like lead scores, churn percentages, and lifetime value in HubSpot

Machine Learning in HubSpot

Use 360° customer data intelligence to optimize machine learning models.

Data teams develop predictive models (like lead scores, churn likelihood, and lifetime value) in the data warehouse. Hightouch brings predictions from those models right into HubSpot, so sales teams have visibility into these insights for all customers and can tailor their approach. For example, reps can upsell based on a customer’s product usage, or send valuable tips about unused features.

Within sales and marketing, modeling can change quickly. These up-to-date insights can save significant dollars and boost return on advertising spend, while better prioritizing contacts when defining qualified leads.

“Salesforce wasn’t built for product-led growth companies,” said Andrew Yip, Sales Operations Manager at Zeplin. “The key to finding qualified leads across Zeplin’s millions of users is looking at product usage metrics. Without Hightouch, our account team is running blind.”

Improving Customer Experience with Hightouch and HubSpot

Users have unlocked new insights and cut down significantly on the time previously spent setting up CDP integrations. Don’t take it from us– the reviews of Hightouch’s connection to Hubspot speak for themselves:

“Great tool, works exactly like I expected it to. Super easy to set up,” says app reviewer D. Wolchonok, about their experience syncing data from their Snowflake warehouse to HubSpot via Hightouch.

“Working with Hightouch has been a breeze,” says L. Clark. “The level of support and guidance has been top-notch. We're saving a ton of time, not having to manage APIs, and spending more time thinking about writing useful data models.”

Ready to Get More From Your Customer Data?

Hightouch is featured in HubSpot’s Essential Apps for Marketers — a collection of connected tools for data-driven content creators.

Essential Apps

See Hightouch among leading marketing tools in HubSpot’s Essential Apps for Marketers collection.

Install the Hightouch app for HubSpot.

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