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Essential Apps for Marketers: Hightouch & HubSpot

Hightouch enables you to enrich HubSpot with customer data and transform your marketing.

Nate Wardwell


June 6, 2023


3 minutes

Hightouch named a 2023 HubSpot Essential App for Marketers

We’re thrilled to be named as one of HubSpot's “Essential Apps for Marketers”. HubSpot is one of our most popular data destinations: marketers and sales teams alike use Hightouch to push customer data into HubSpot to enable highly personalized omnichannel marketing campaigns.

HubSpot Use Cases, Powered by Hightouch

You can help every team at your organization by enriching HubSpot with data syncs from your warehouse. Some common examples of use cases include:

  • Email: Power your email campaigns with the 360° view of your customers you have in your data warehouse. You can deliver campaigns at critical moments based on triggers you identify from your customer data, and personalize those emails based on customer interactions and attributes.
  • Sales: Provide an up-to-date picture of prospects and leads, and build richer lead scores based on all warehouse data. With this data, your sales team can tailor their messaging to meet each prospect where they’re at. In turn, your prospects will appreciate the more relevant outreach and engagement. For example, Gorgias used Hightouch to sync sales data models to HubSpot, which helped them drive a 2X increase in quarterly revenue from outbound channels, a 60%+ increase in outbound pipeline, and a 60% increase in net new customers.
  • Customer Support: Just like you can empower sales teams with full data about prospects, you can support help desk, live chat, and customer success teams with rich data about existing customers. Your teams will be able to personalize experiences for customers without asking them redundant questions, and put information about product usage, preferences, and historical actions to use. For example, Retool used Hightouch to sync product usage data to HubSpot, leading to 32% increase in reply rates to personalized emails and a 500% increase in click rates for product announcements targeted to custom audiences.

We have really granular data about our customers in the warehouse, but it generally gathers dust there. Hightouch makes this data more valuable and actionable by allowing us to make it available across our marketing stack and business systems. All without relying on product and eng.

Jake Levinger

Jake Levinger

Marketing Ops

, Retool

How it Works

HubSpot is a data destination in Hightouch, one of 200+. On average, customers are able to set up their first data sync to HubSpot and other destinations within just 23 minutes of getting started. At a high level, the steps you’ll take are:

  1. Connect Hightouch to your data source
  2. Build a “model” in Hightouch from your data source. This is the table (or SQL query) of the data you’ll actually want to have available in HubSpot
  3. Connect Hightouch to HubSpot
  4. Set up a sync of your model to HubSpot. You’ll be able to determine how fields map, how often this data should sync, and adjust other criteria for the sync.

For more detailed examples of setting up HubSpot syncs in Hightouch, we wrote a guide about creating an email like “Spotify Wrapped” in HubSpot, and another outlining how you could connect data from Sigma into HubSpot.

Getting Started

We’d love to help you improve your campaigns in HubSpot by enriching them with all of your essential data. Schedule a call with our solution engineers so we can set up a proof-of-concept for you, or you can read our Hubspot Marketplace listing to learn more.

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