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Databricks Invests in Hightouch to Activate the Data Lakehouse

Databricks and Hightouch share a vision for a future where all of a company’s data is immediately actionable.

Tejas Manohar.

Tejas Manohar

Kashish Gupta.

Kashish Gupta

August 30, 2023

2 minutes

Databricks Invests in Hightouch

We are humbled to share that Databricks Ventures is a strategic investor in Hightouch’s recent $38M funding announcement. Together, we are building the future of the Composable CDP and turning the Lakehouse into an indispensable asset that powers use cases for operations, marketing, and advertising.

We began our partnership with Databricks just a few years ago and already share more than one hundred mutual customers. We now jointly power customer data activation at renowned organizations like Grammarly, PetSmart, and MEWS. These companies execute operational programs like predictive targeting, personalized recommendations, and churn prevention across marketing channels - all from the Lakehouse.

With this investment, Hightouch and Databricks will evolve together to make it easier to build a Composable CDP on the Lakehouse that makes data activation simpler, faster, and less expensive. We also plan to innovate together to ensure the power of ML and AI algorithms can be made practical by getting them in the hands of teams as they do their daily work.

Hightouch Reverse ETL powers Databricks Data Activatiion

If you’re a Databricks customer, you can use Hightouch to build a Composable CDP on the Lakehouse, putting it at the center of your marketing stack. In addition to activating data and models from the Lakehouse to downstream tools, we’ve been investing in other essential features to make the most of your data, like our recently announced Customer 360 Toolkit, which makes it easy to build unified customer profiles and perform identity resolution in the Lakehouse.

Databricks is betting that the future of customer data is Composable and that even more of their customers can benefit from this novel approach to data activation.

If you want to learn more, you can just create a workspace via Databricks Partner Connect. Or get in touch for a demo of Hightouch.

Unleash the power of the Lakehouse

Read the one-pager to learn how hundreds of industry leaders use Hightouch to transform Databricks into a Composable CDP that drives personalization across channels.

Preview of Databricks-Hightouch: One Pager.
Preview of Databricks-Hightouch: One Pager.

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