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Get a customer 360 now. Not 365 days from now.

Sync customer data from your data warehouse to your CRM, marketing, and support tools. Average customers start sending data in 23 minutes.

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No more engineering tickets.

No more engineering tickets

A no-code audience builder that any team can use.

Completely secure.

Completely secure

Hightouch stores no data. It’s always 100% compliant and secure.

Connect to any tool.

Connect to any tool

Works with Salesforce, Pendo, Gainsight, Intercom and more.

Comprehensive data.

Comprehensive data

If it’s in your warehouse or your product, then Hightouch makes it available.

#1 Reverse ETL

Start syncing data in minutes

Your data is ready to use in your warehouse or BI tool. Use Hightouch to sync that data to sales and marketing tools without APIs, CSVs, or engineering favors.

Hightouch Audiences user interface.

Build a 360° customer view in your existing tools

  • Bring the data that matters to the tools your team already loves like your CRM, comms, and project management tools.
  • Leverage ongoing data team work and bring any data from your tools to your CRM.
  • No need to train everyone on SQL, Looker, and spreadsheets. Sync the data that matters into Salesforce without engineers.
Build a 360° customer view in your existing tools.
Build a 360° customer view in your existing tools.

Put your data to work for at risk customers

  • Health scores are unique to your business. Out-of-the-box solutions lack the full picture. Your data warehouse has all of your customer data and touchpoints.
  • Don’t just push around opaque health scores. Show your CSMs granular information that’s actionable.
  • Iterate on top of all of the customer data in your warehouse without waiting on engineers.
Put your data to work for at risk customers.
Put your data to work for at risk customers.

Be proactive on customer data

  • Use Hightouch to control your destiny without waiting on engineering availability.
  • Alert your customer success team in Slack when something’s wrong so that they can reach out before the customer does.
  • Surface changes in customer usage patterns to CSMs across Salesforce, Customer Success Platforms, and Slack.
Be proactive on customer data.
Be proactive on customer data.

Activate your data in less than 5 minutes