Hightouch Notify

Business event monitoring on top of all your data: no engineering favors needed.


Account Churn

Get notified when customers are likely to churn so you can be proactive and take action.


With Customers

Automatically message customers in shared Slack channels to notify them of key events and updates.


Upsell Opportunities

Get notified when product usage exceeds plan limits so you can help customers expand to a higher plan.


With Teammates

Stay up to date on timelines and achievements of your teammates, without having to check a workflow or project management tool.

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Works with all of your tools

Stop checking dashboards: get notified where you work

Hightouch integrates with your entire Messaging stack to ensure everyone can get updates on new events.


  • Customize the look and feel of your messages using Slack block kit (ex: add buttons to take action on notifications).

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams
  • Inform internal and external stakeholders about key business events.


  • Power notifications in your favorite open source messaging tool.

How it fits into your business

Hightouch Notify keeps all your teams informed so they can take action.

Customer Success

Get notified when customers are likely to churn.

Customer Success

Sales Team

Get notified when product usage exceeds plan limits (for Upsells).

Sales Team

Operations Team

Get notified when inventory is low or tickets come in.

Operations Team

Finance Team

Get notified when invoices are overdue or payments failed.

Finance Team

With Hightouch Notify, our Professional Services team is automatically reminded via Slack of upcoming deadlines, and potentially erroneous deadlines are also flagged. Since senior management isn’t checking Asana regularly, major project milestones are automatically communicated in Slack, keeping everyone aligned.

William Tsu
William TsuCustomer Success @ blend

We have Slack channels with each customer, so if emails are ineffective, we can escalate messages and send them directly in Slack with Hightouch Notify. On top of this, we also created a “Deal Success Bot” that gives credit to employees who save customers over 25% or $100K in savings.

Erik Edelmann
Erik EdelmannAnalytics Engineer at Vendr

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Your data warehouse is your source of truth for customer data. Hightouch syncs this data to the tools that your business teams rely on.

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