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Constantly checking dashboards is a thing of the past

Business event monitoring on top of all your data. No engineering favors needed.

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Trusted by operations teams at


Trusted by operations teams at

Hightouch Notify

Drive your growth engine with data

Hightouch integrates with your entire messaging stack to ensure everyone can get updates on new events.

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Prevent churn.

Prevent churn

Get notified when customers are likely to churn so you can take action.

Engage customers.

Engage customers

Retarget customers who visted your pricing page and increase your ROAS.

Identify upsells.

Identify upsells

Get notified when product usage exceeds plan limits so customers can upgrade to a higher plan.



Stay up-to-date with your teammates without checking a project management tool.

Get notified where you work

Integrate with your internal communications tools to ensure every team gets important event updates.

Customer Success

Customer Success

Get notified when customers are likely to churn.

Self-serve your data

Get notified when product usage exceeds plan limits (for upsells).

Operations Team

Get notified when inventory is low or tickets come in.

See how it works in real life.

Get notified every time someone is invited to a new workspace.

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With Hightouch Notify, our team is automatically reminded via Slack of upcoming deadlines, and potentially erroneous deadlines are also flagged. Since senior management isnโ€™t checking Asana regularly, major project milestones are automatically communicated in Slack, keeping everyone aligned.

William Tsu

William Tsu

Customer Success Operations



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