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Activate audiences without CSVs

Modern marketing teams activate audiences directly from the data warehouse with Hightouch’s no-code audience builder.

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Trusted by marketing teams at


Trusted by marketing teams at

See how it works in real life.

Sync a cart abandonment audience to Facebook in less than 4 minutes.

How Hightouch helps marketers

Spend less time writing tickets or uploading CSVs and more time optimizing your campaigns.

Build audiences without SQL

Build audiences without SQL

Data teams can focus on modeling, and business teams can create audiences on top of those models in our visual audience builder. No more waiting on engineering favors.

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Supercharge marketing tools

Automate audience syncs to platforms like Braze, Iterable,, HubSpot, and SFMC for best-in-class lifecycle marketing campaigns.

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Enable leading experimentation

Build and manage audiences to support your A|B or multiple testing needs across all your marketing channels leveraging Audience Splits.

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Personalize every touchpoint.

Personalize every touchpoint

Send lifecycle marketing campaigns to customers across any channel.

Hyper-target paid ads.

Hyper-target paid ads

Retarget high intent customers and maximize your ROAS.

Create lookalike audiences.

Create lookalike audiences

Find new high value customers in all of your ad networks.

Manage suppression lists.

Manage suppression lists

Stop targeting existing customers with your valuable ad spend.

Ryan Newsome.
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Hightouch Audiences is super easy to use and set up—you click a couple of buttons and the audience is made. Your data team often becomes a bottleneck, but not anymore. The audience builder allows our acquisition team to do the work themselves.

Ryan Newsome

Ryan Newsome

Head of Data and Analytics


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Sync data to 115+ tools

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