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Feature Release: Audience Breakdowns

Analyze specific characteristics of users within an audience to better understand overall audience composition.

Alec Haase.

Alec Haase

October 5, 2022

2 minutes

Image of audience breakdowns.


Today, we’re excited to announce the general availability of Audience Breakdowns. As part of the insights family of features within Hightouch Audiences, Breakdowns allows users to visually display the distribution of specific characteristics of a given audience as they define their desired segmentation in Hightouch.

Modern marketing teams coordinate omnichannel efforts in Hightouch by strategically building customer segments and activating them from their data warehouse to various destinations like Facebook, Braze, Salesforce, Google, and more. As they build these complex and often very large audiences, it’s often difficult to fully understand the users within the audiences.

By enabling users to better understand the distribution of specific characteristics within their audiences, marketers can quickly QA segmentation and ensure that their audiencing needs are met each time an audience is created.

After defining their desired segmentation in Hightouch, marketers can use Breakdowns to quickly and easily create multiple distribution charts across several characteristics. These visualizations include pie charts, bar charts (horizontal and vertical), and tables.

Once audience composition is validated, marketers can activate the audience across their many marketing destinations.

Audience Breakdowns Use Case:

Let’s say you work on the growth marketing team of a digital media company. You’re running a customer acquisition campaign on Facebook and want to build a lookalike audience using your best subscribers as a seed audience.

You build out the following logic in Hightouch and create your audience.

With Breakdowns, you can now easily create visuals to quickly understand the distribution of fields like State and VIP status as you build your audience segmentation.

Using the new insights provided by Breakdowns, you quickly see that while the "State" distribution looks normal, your audience is weighted much too heavily towards non-VIP customers.

By adding segmentation to limit to only VIP customers, you know you can ensure that only your top-tier customers are being leveraged to seed the new audience in Facebook.

You add the logic and are off to the races syncing your audience to Facebook and running the new campaign!

Get Started

Audience Breakdowns is GA for all existing Audiences customers. Don’t have Hightouch Audiences enabled? Request a demo here. If you’re not a Hightouch customer, you can sign up for a free account or request a demo.

Have any ideas for additional features you’d like to see in Hightouch Audiences? Reach out to and share them!

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