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The Next Big Thing in MarTech with Scott Brinker

MarTech experts Scott Brinker, Juan Mendoza, and Tejas Manohar discuss the future of MarTech, the cloud data warehouse advantage, and more.

Alec Haase.

Alec Haase

December 15, 2023

1 minutes

The future of Martech discussion.

MarTech as an industry has been booming over the last decade. What was a handful of tools has now exploded into thousands, all set out to help you in some capacity. With so much innovative happening in this industry, the big question is what's next?

MarTech experts Scott Brinker, Juan Mendoza, and Tejas Manohar discuss in this video what is the future of Martech?

  • How does leveraging the data warehouse make sense for marketers today?
  • What does the future hold for marketing technology and how does it increasingly integrate with the cloud warehouse?
  • How will the martech stack change with more modular point solutions supporting the warehouse?
  • How are marketers using technology like Reverse ETL, headless MAP, and analytics today?

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