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How to Raise $1 Million (CEO Explains Startup Funding)

Getting funding for a startup can be hard. What exactly do you need to raise money from investors? Tejas walks through what you need at each stage.

Craig Dennis.

Craig Dennis

February 9, 2024

1 minutes

Raising funding for a startup.

Raising money is an essential part of running a startup. It provides you the funds to go all in and an important runway to give you time to gain traction.

However, what exactly are investors looking for when they invest in a startup?

In this video, Tejas Manohar (CEO of Hightouch) talks about:

  • The three things VCs look for SEED funding a startup.
  • How a proven idea is the key to Series A funding.
  • How people play a major part in funding beyond Series B.

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