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Hightouch + Looker: Activate Data from Looks to any Business Application

Utilize your existing Looker Looks as data models in Hightouch

Alec Haase.

Alec Haase

November 8, 2022

3 minutes

Hightouch + Looker: Activate Data from Looks to any Business Application.

You’ve spent valuable time building unified data models with Looker, and now you can use them for much more than just powering your dashboards. With Hightouch’s native Looker integration, you can connect your Looks as models in Hightouch and sync the data directly into your business tools.

In 5 easy steps, connect your Looks to any SaaS apps using Hightouch:

  1. Under Sources, add your data warehouse as a source.
  2. Under Extensions, select Looker and enter your Looker credentials.
  3. Under Models, add your Looks as a model by selecting your source from Step 1 and Looker as your modeling method.
  4. Select the specific Looks model you want to sync.
  5. Name your Looks model in Hightouch and select the primary key. Your Looks model is now ready to be synced to any of Hightouch's 200+ destinations.
Remi Paulin.

Hightouch is a natural extension of Looker and reinforces the idea that each data model is built on a single source of truth. This has had a big impact on our company, bolstering employee trust in available data. Plus, it just works—we select our source and destination and Hightouch does the rest.

Remi Paulin

Remi Paulin

Data Architect


Go Beyond BI

Many organizations use Looker, Google Cloud’s analytics platform, to explore data, build dashboards, and share insights across functional teams. These teams use Looker’s modeling language, LookML, to generate SQL for business teams to query and model their data. They can then build and edit Looks right from their centralized data models.

Thanks to our new integration, rather than having to redefine data models each time in Hightouch, teams can simply select their already-existing Looker models and sync the data they care about to any of their business tools.

Yep—it’s that easy.


Value Unlocked

  1. Build Once, Reuse Everywhere: With Hightouch, data teams can define business logic in one place for business teams to leverage across all their tools — ensuring clean and consistent data across the organization.
  2. Take Action on Your Insights: Thanks to the new Looker integration, you can now use the same models defined in Looker to unlock new insights to send data to any of your sales, ops, and marketing tools. As an example, you can build high lifetime value audiences using Looker’s powerful visual explorer and sync them to your marketing destinations (Braze, Facebook, Google, TikTok, etc).
  3. Streamlined Workflows: By leveraging Looks as models, data teams easily create Looks for business teams to select and sync to their destinations—without needing to know or use SQL.

How It Works Behind the Scenes

When you create a Hightouch model backed by a Look, Hightouch converts that Look to SQL and runs it against your configured source (i.e., your data warehouse). It is then treated the same as any other Hightouch model, allowing you to create automated syncs to any of your selected destinations.

How to Get Started

Read our docs here or watch the walk-through video here to get started with Hightouch’s Looker Model Selector.

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