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Introducing: Identity Resolution Waterfalls and Profile Inspector

Two powerful new features that make the best warehouse-native identity solution even better.

Earl Lee.

Earl Lee

February 26, 2024

3 minutes

new identity resolution features.

Here at Hightouch, we help organizations across verticals solve complex identity resolution challenges, enabling them to unify billions of records within their data warehouse to create rich customer profiles that enhance analytics, targeting, and personalization efforts across channels. Using our Identity Resolution product, marketing and data teams alike can manage complex deterministic and probabilistic identity resolution effectively with an easy-to-use, fully configurable and transparent solution that runs directly on top of their data warehouse.

Warehouse-native Identity Resolution

Today, we're thrilled to expand on our current capabilities by announcing the launch of two new powerful features for our Identity Resolution (IDR) product: Waterfalls and Profile Inspector. These new features were designed to meet the specific needs of our IDR customers and they represent our commitment to delivering powerful and user-friendly solutions, ensuring your IDR process is as seamless as it is effective.

Waterfalls: Sequence and Group Merge Rules

Deterministic identity resolution can be challenging because merge rules can have varying degrees of accuracy. Some rules are very strict and therefore accurate but match only a small handful of records, like when matching on the combination of name, email and phone number. Other rules can be very lenient and therefore inaccurate but match a lot of records, such as matching on only names, or probabilistic matching on IP address, device ID, and user agent. Because of this, teams usually only want to use lenient merge rules as a fallback after more strict merge rules are applied.

With Waterfalls, you can now split up your merge rules into different rule sets and sequence them in the exact order in which you want to apply them. For example, you can first match and merge records on strict rules. Then, you can apply more lenient rules to merge additional records into the unified profile. As the merge limits (max allowed number of identifiers per profile) that you define are reached, merging stops - ensuring that your highest priority merge rules are always applied first. This allows you to resolve more records together without sacrificing accuracy.

Applying mutliple merge rule sets without code

Profile Inspector: Explore your Identity Resolution Outputs

Building an accurate identity graph can be daunting, especially if you’re uncertain about how changes to merge rules might affect your output user profiles. The new Profile Inspector feature is designed to demystify this once black-box process, providing a transparent view into the workings of your identity resolution

With Profile Inspector, you can quickly verify the accuracy of resolved profiles, easily identifying and investigating profiles that may carry more identifiers than you initially intended. The feature empowers you with the insight you need to confidently refine your merge rules, ensuring that your identity resolution process is precise and reliable.

Inspecting merged profiles with the new Profile Inspector


Identity resolution is a nuanced challenge that demands a solution tailored to the unique requirements of each company. However, we were sick of seeing customers struggle with one-size all black box identity resolution in CDPs. It’s why, from day one, we designed our Identity Resolution product to give you full control over your resolution process, making it easier to manage and more powerful in its capabilities. We’ve been pleasantly surprised to see how this simple, yet powerful solution has resonated with customers who are now resolving billions of records with Hightouch.

If you’d like to try out our Identity Resolution product for yourself or learn how we can help put data from your warehouse to work, book a demo with our team today.

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