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Hightouch receives recognition as a Forbes Cloud 100 Rising Star!

We are honored to be included in the Forbes Cloud 100 Rising Stars list for 2021.

Kashish Gupta.

Kashish Gupta

August 10, 2021

2 minutes

Hightouch receives recognition as a Forbes Cloud 100 Rising Star!.

We’re incredibly honored to announce that Hightouch has been selected as a Forbes Cloud 100 rising star. July was a big month for us, with the announcement of our Series A and bringing on customers like Nando’s, Autotrader, Blend, CircleCI, Imperfect Foods, and Ramp.

I’ve been following the Forbes Cloud 100 list every year since 2017 and never imagined being featured in it at such an early stage. The only way to reconcile this in our heads is to see this as acknowledgement of the problem we’re solving and the approach we’re taking.

We see this recognition as a vote of confidence in both our solution, market, and team.

hightouch cloud 100


Every company in the world struggles with getting data into the tools they use, simple as that. But their data used to be fragmented across many systems. The difference is that now companies are moving towards a centralized model where all data is replicated to the data warehouse. This opportunity is growing faster than any we have seen before.


Reverse ETL has emerged as the final solution to the age-old need for data integrations, most commonly advocated for by data teams. This term is something our customers and early adopters came up with themselves but now has become a popular way to think about getting data out of the data warehouse. The reason we’re excited about Reverse ETL is because to us it’s much more than just getting data from one place to another. Reverse ETL builds the foundation for powering more workflows and applications on the data warehouse, and it makes data accessible to business users.


Hightouch is really just a group of people who love working together and making customers happy. This recognition is really for the team that made it all happen, not the product or the metrics. They are the reason the magic happens, and we as founders are so so grateful to be surrounded by most empathetic and caring people you will ever meet.

If you’d like to join us, we are hiring across all functions for engineering, marketing, sales, and partnerships at

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