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Boost Match Rates to Conversion APIs

Enrich your conversion signals to maximize your return on advertising spend.

John Tan.

John Tan

Nate Wardwell.

Nate Wardwell

November 29, 2023

3 minutes

Match Booster syncs data to Conversion APIs on major ad platforms

Today, we’re excited to share that Match Booster can now improve your match rates to the Conversion APIs of ad platforms like Facebook, TikTok, and more! Conversion APIs are the best way to inform ad platforms of sales as the third-party cookie deprecation hinders pixel effectiveness, and Match Booster simply gives them an even broader reach.

We launched Match Booster in May to help companies better match their first-party customer data to user profiles in ad platforms. Initially, Match Booster focused on improving match rates for audience lists to power use cases like suppressing existing customers, retargeting site visitors, and building lookalike audiences. We recently enhanced Match Booster’s data sets to serve B2B advertisers as well as B2C ones. Today’s release extends the Match Booster platform to also enhance match rates specifically to Conversion APIs.

We’re seeing incredible results with Match Booster. It’s helping companies improve their advertising performance through data onboarding– at a fraction of the cost of Liveramp. Our early test customers with Match Booster for Conversion APIs have been able to run campaigns with 30%+ higher engagement! Read on to learn more about why Conversion APIs matter and how Match Booster makes them more effective than ever before.

Why Conversion APIs Matter

Thanks to ongoing privacy changes, ad platforms can no longer rely on third-party tracking pixels to track the conversions of users on your site. Instead, they expose APIs that you can send conversion events to. By sending events to the Conversion API, advertisers can overcome the tracking restrictions on pixels and send more reliable signals for reporting, attribution, audience targeting, and–most importantly–campaign optimization. These signals can be enriched with customer identifiers (email, phone, first_name, etc.) to increase the likelihood of the ad platforms matching the conversions to user profiles.

Conversion APIs drive 13% lower costs


Introducing Match Booster for Conversion APIs

Match Booster further enhances this conversion feedback loop by appending secure, vetted third-party user identifiers to your first-party conversion signals in real-time. These new identifiers enhance the signals and significantly improve the ability of platforms like Meta and TikTok to match conversions to user profiles.

Match Booster Architecture

Customer Story: Match Booster for a Major Retailer

Our initial customers have seen incredible results when leveraging Match Booster to enrich Conversion APIs. Our most significant case study came from a major physical consumer goods retailer leveraging Facebook’s Conversion API.

Facebook labels each Conversion API data sync with an event quality score. The retailer knew they were on the right track when their Conversion API syncs improved from “okay” to “great” when they turned on Match Booster.

The retailer ran a proof-of-concept test for several weeks by directly comparing the performance of unboosted audiences vs. boosted ones in the Conversion API. Their results were staggering:

  • Attribution: 12% more offline purchase events were attributed to the campaign with Match Booster
  • Campaign Optimization: Engagement rates were 30%+ higher on the campaign with Match Booster

Getting Started

We offer a free proof-of-concept test for Match Booster. If you’re syncing customer lists to ad platforms, either as audiences or directly to Conversion APIs, you have everything to gain by trying it. Reach out to us today to try out Match Booster for yourself!

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