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Announcing Match Booster

The easiest, most efficient way to enrich customer data and drive up audience match rates across advertising platforms.

Alec Haase.

Alec Haase

May 2, 2023

8 minutes

Introducing match booster.


Today, we are excited to launch one of our most powerful features yet, Match Booster. In minutes, marketers can combine the power of their first-party customer data with identity data from leading enrichment providers to boost audience match rates across advertising platforms like Facebook, Google, The Trade Desk, Amazon, Roku, and more. With higher match rates, marketing teams can better leverage custom audiences, lookalikes, and suppression lists, maximizing return on ad spend (ROAS).

The new enrichment feature, requiring no new integrations with third-party data brokers, ensures that your sensitive data stays in your environment, thus delivering a seamless and responsive marketer workflow. Match Booster improves data security while providing a frictionless way for marketers to enhance their paid advertising campaigns.

Match Booster

Customer Data Gaps

Hightouch enables marketing and data teams to activate customer data directly from their data warehouse to over 150+ destinations like ad platforms and CRMs. Customer Studio, our suite of marketer-first features, has paved the way for organizations to unlock a fast, flexible, and scalable CDP alternative (i.e., the Composable CDP) by enabling them to activate audiences directly from their organization’s single source of truth - the data warehouse.

Data Activation

Hightouch syncs data from the data warehouse to 150+ destinations

Hightouch has been a game-changer for marketers, enabling them to independently sync audiences, conversions, and experiments to paid media platforms. That said, due to gaps in their first-party data, many still struggled to match their customer data to profiles in various advertising platforms (AKA low match rates). Whether it was a publisher without many customer identifiers or a B2B stuck with only work email addresses, performance marketing teams were left with low match rates and less-than-ideal audience sizes.

These organizations faced one of two choices: either turn to expensive, black box solutions like Liveramp to enrich their data, or even worse, deal with the low match rates and hope for better first-party data in the future.

We knew it was time to go back to the drawing board.

What is Match Booster?

Match Booster is a powerful data onboarding and enrichment product designed for growth and performance marketing teams to optimize campaigns on advertising platforms like Facebook or Google Ads. The product enables businesses to increase their audience match rates on advertising platforms by appending secure, vetted third-party user identifiers to their existing first-party customer data in real-time. These identifiers are sourced from Hightouch's trusted data partners and allow advertising platforms to better match target customers to user profiles, resulting in higher match rates, improved targeting, and increased return on ad spend.


A central and secure solution to help growth teams fill in customer data gaps. Affordable and always up to date. No engineering required.

How does it work?

Hightouch has built an extensive identity data set thanks to partnerships with leading data providers. This identity store securely houses billions of linkages across hashed user identifiers such as email addresses, phone numbers, device IDs, cookie IDs, and CTV IDs. None of the data from the data store is ever stored on the customers’ premises as it’s enriched on transit and shared securely via modern data sharing technology.

Data Onboarding

Hightouch Aggregates Data from Leading Data Providers into Identity Store

When Match Booster is toggled on, Hightouch joins identifiers from first-party audience data with third-party identity data. As audiences are sent to destinations like Facebook, we enrich them with the hashed identifiers.


Hightouch's proprietary Match Engine resolves customer data to the identity store and enriches hashed identifiers in-transit to ad destinations

With just a few clicks, Hightouch customers unlock secure data onboarding without the hassle of building manual pipelines, setting up data clean rooms, or paying for multiple platforms.

Feature Differentiators

  • Ease of implementation: Match Booster comes natively integrated with existing Hightouch syncs. That means setting up data onboarding can be orders of magnitude faster than implementing a separate tool.
  • Security: With Hightouch, first-party audience data never leaves a customer’s infrastructure. This remains true for Match Booster. Sensitive data is not stored with third-party data brokers.
  • Workflow flexibility: The data warehouse is the central repository of invaluable customer data. As new data enters the warehouse, it’s immediately available to be used with Match Booster. No new file uploads are required to begin using it.
  • Multi-channel orchestration: Hightouch brings hundreds of destinations across email, push, mobile, and advertising channels. It’s truly integrated with the mar-tech stack. This means the same audiences to target on email can be boosted to target on paid channels.
Steve Sobel.

Driving more value from martech investments and getting to real time personalization is a huge area of focus for marketing organizations across the globe. The combination of the Databricks Lakehouse and Hightouch’s new Match Booster as part of a Composable CDP framework allows marketers to unleash the power of secure data enrichment faster than ever before

Steve Sobel

Steve Sobel

RVP, Industry Solutions



  • Improved reach: Match Booster helps businesses improve their match rates across advertising platforms, which means marketers can reach much more of their desired audiences than previously possible.
  • Personalized marketing: Match Booster's data enrichment capabilities help businesses better target their desired audiences across ad networks. Suppress existing customers or retarget those who abandoned carts with more precision than ever before.
  • Increased ROAS: By improving match rates and increasing targeting accuracy, Match Booster can help businesses maximize their ROI and get the most out of their marketing campaigns.
  • Compliance: Match Booster is a highly functional, and fully compliant, data supply chain to power data enrichment. No need to worry about your data being used incorrectly by identity vendors, and no concerns on bulky manual enrichment processes going awry.
  • Affordability: Match Booster is extremely affordable compared to alternative solutions. Existing solutions like DMPs are comically expensive - charging hundreds of thousands of dollars for inferior results. With Match Booster, your CDP and DMP costs are consolidated between Hightouch and your existing data warehouse - saving you budget while boosting performance and peace of mind.

Case Studies

B2C Publisher

A leading publisher wanted to suppress existing customers from seeing their acquisition-focused campaigns across Facebook, Snapchat, and TikTok. While they have first-party customer data, they have long struggled to capture much beyond email address and first name - limiting their audience match rates on the mobile-centric platforms. By toggling on match booster, the publisher was able to boost their match rates on average more than +35% across Facebook, Snapchat, and TikTok. With 35% more customers in their suppression lists, the team can drastically reduce wasted ad spend on existing customers.

B2B SaaS

A mid-stage SaaS vendor wants to improve overall paid media performance - specifically on Meta platforms. Like many B2B businesses, the team has historically struggled to match customer profiles on Facebook and Instagram, as many of their customer’s email addresses are work emails that do not match to customer profiles. Through Match Booster, the team can now enrich their customer data with additional identifiers like personal email addresses, resulting in a +68% boost to their audience match rates. Now, the team has substantially more users to create lookalike audiences, run upsell campaigns, and create suppression lists across Facebook and Instagram.


  • What are all the available ad networks that match booster can work with? Currently Match Booster supports Facebook, Google, TikTok and Snapchat. We will soon support The Trade Desk, DV360, Amazon DSP, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. We are always growing our destination catalog.
  • What kind of variables can be matched (eg email, phone number, MAID etc..)? Match Booster supports matching by email, phone number, and device IDs. We also support full names and geo to enable more precise targeting.
  • Is the data encrypted / anonymised when matched? Security is a big differentiator. Data is both encrypted and anonymized. More importantly, Hightouch doesn't store any PII besides a hash of a customer's primary key, like a unique user ID. This is possible because we simply query off the data warehouse.
  • Does the end user get analytics with matches, ROI uplift etc... Hightouch shows boost rates and match rates in the app for supported destinations, like Facebook, TikTok, and Snapchat.

The Road Ahead

Match Booster is the first of many features we will be releasing to transform the data warehouse into a marketing engine that powers both AdTech and MarTech use-cases alike. You can read more about our vision here in a recent post by our Co-Founder, Tejas Manhohar.

Interested in getting started with Match Booster to maximize your performance and growth marketing efforts? Check out our docs here or book a demo today.

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