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Announcing: Iterable Smart Ingest co-developed with Hightouch

Hightouch and Iterable launch a joint offering, making Hightouch the exclusive data warehouse ingestion provider for Iterable

Kashish Gupta.

Kashish Gupta

Alec Haase.

Alec Haase

January 30, 2024

4 minutes

Iterable Smart Ingest co-developed with Hightouch.

Since the early days of Hightouch, our mission has been to empower all teams, regardless of their technical resources, to fully leverage the potential of their cloud data warehouse. Over the last four years, we have developed a platform that has earned the trust of some of the world's largest brands, enabling them to seamlessly collect, prepare, and activate their customer data from their data warehouse to the many tools it is needed in.

Our journey has enabled us to establish deep relationships and integrations with some of the world’s most advanced marketing technology companies. Today, we are thrilled to announce that we are taking our partnership with Iterable, a leading AI-powered customer communication platform, one step further with the release of Iterable Smart Ingest-- a co-developed feature that directly embeds Hightouch’s Reverse ETL capabilities into the Iterable platform.

This announcement is more than just a feature release for Iterable and Hightouch. It demonstrates our joint commitment to making data accessible to marketers everywhere. It is yet another shining example that modern marketing teams utilize the cloud data warehouse to propel their businesses forward.

Iterable and Hightouch

Iterable offers one of the most advanced customer communications platforms on the market today. It enables marketers across the globe to drive growth with individualized, harmonized, and dynamic cross-channel communications that engage customers throughout the entire lifecycle.

Joint customers like, The Zebra, and so many more trust Hightouch to hydrate Iterable with all the rich customer data from their data warehouse. These companies turn to Hightouch to unlock a new wave of Customer Data Platforms (CDP) known as the Composable CDP that puts the data warehouse at the center of their marketing technology stack.

Data Activation

As more and more companies begin to embrace this new warehouse-first architecture, many take their first steps with our Reverse ETL capabilities to upload simple customer lists, customer attributes, and/or product catalogs into Iterable. Seeing this trend, we went back to the drawing board and worked alongside Iterable to make the first steps of this journey easier and more accessible than ever.

Smart Ingest: Data Activation for Everyone

Smart Ingest, a key feature of Iterable’s new Ingest Toolkit, is co-developed with our team here at Hightouch. By directly embedding Hightouch’s Reverse ETL capabilities into Iterable, users can now seamlessly connect Iterable to their cloud data warehouse to activate all of their valuable product and customer data from within the Iterable platform.

What does this mean for marketers? It signifies the end of manual CSV uploads and waiting on data teams to build custom integrations. It signifies the beginning of an era where activating and leveraging customer data is straightforward, intuitive, and, most importantly, within the marketer's direct control.

Smart Ingest demo

Empowering Marketers Like Never Before

With Smart Ingest, marketers can now:

  • Import user attributes, customer lists, and product catalogs directly into Iterable
  • Enhance audience targeting and personalize cross-channel communications without leaving the Iterable UI
  • Experiment and innovate with data strategies, accelerating the ROI from their cloud data warehouse
Kevin Zhou.

We think of this partnership as a match made in heaven. The leading customer communication platform is partnering with the leading data warehouse activation platform to offer our customers a truly best-in-class product experience. Our joint offering is the easiest way to start activating the data warehouse to personalize marketing channels immediately.

Kevin Zhou

Kevin Zhou

Technology Partnerships Lead


The Future of Customer Engagement

The future of customer engagement is rooted in the seamless integration and activation of customer data. By embedding Hightouch directly into Iterable, we are not just simplifying processes; we are unlocking a world of AI-driven insights for richer, more personalized marketing strategies.

Interested in learning more about Hightouch? Request a demo today and learn about how we can help you create better customer experiences.

Additionally, you can learn more about Iterable and Smart Ingest here.

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