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How to Improve Customer Retention with a Strike System

Customer health scores aren’t the best strategy to retain customers. The answer: build a “Strike” system.

Made by: Hightouch, Fivetran


6 minutes

How to Improve Customer Retention with a Strike System.

Retaining customers is a crucial goal for any organization with recurring revenues. A typical strategy is determining a “health score” for each customer so support teams can prioritize which customers to focus on to improve retention.

At Hightouch, we considered a health score system to measure our own customers. However, we ran into several critical failures with this approach and have seen much greater success with a “Strike” system, which we power with Fivetran, our data warehouse, and Hightouch. In this playbook, I’ll explain why you shouldn’t use health scores to monitor accounts and how to build your own “Strike” system.

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