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Predicting and Preventing Customer Churn using Modelbit and Hightouch

Learn how you can predict churn scores in Snowflake with Modelbit and sync them to tools like Salesforce using Hightouch.

Made by: Modelbit


7 minutes

Predicting and Preventing Customer Churn using Modelbit and Hightouch.

With modern data science and machine learning, it’s easier than ever to predict whether a customer is going to churn. With the right training data and modeling libraries, we can quickly train a model that scores a customer’s likelihood of churning.

Getting this information into the hands of our teammates who can save the account is the most critical piece of the puzzle.

In this playbook, you’ll learn how to create a model that predicts the likelihood that a customer will churn. Then you’ll use Modelbit to deploy that model to Snowflake, where it will run those predictions on every customer, every single day. Finally, you’ll use Hightouch to sync those predictions to Salesforce (and other tools), so that every Customer Success Manager can easily see the health of each of their accounts, and take appropriate action.

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