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Friends don't let friends buy a CDP

Save your friends from spending months and millions on a failed CDP solution. Hightouch is a faster, more flexible, and cost effective way to deliver personalized experiences and get value out of your customer data.

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You don't need another source of truth

Legacy CDPs make you create a new “source of truth” for customer data that lives directly in their systems. With Hightouch, marketers can activate audiences from the place their customer data already lives - the data warehouse.

Graph of data moving through Hightouch.

Hightouch is the product with the Fastest Implementation, Easiest Setup and Best Estimated ROI in the CDP category on G2!

G2 Fall 2022, Leader.
G2 Winter 2023, Leader.
G2 Spring 2023, Leader.
G2 Fall 2022, Easiest Setup.
G2 Winter 2023, Easiest Setup.
G2 Spring 2023, Easiest Setup.
G2 Fall 2022, Best est. ROI.
G2 Winter 2023, Best est. ROI.
G2 Spring 2023, Best est. ROI.

“You can’t run a modern martech program without Hightouch.”

“With Hightouch, my marketing team can self-serve all our data syncs.”

“Time-travel exists.
Hightouch unlocks it.”

The Most Powerful Audience Builder

With the leading audience management solution available on the market, Hightouch puts the power of the data warehouse in the hands of modern marketing teams.

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Why Hightouch?

Time to value

Bring your CDP to your data

Legacy CDPs take months to evaluate, implement and adopt. With Hightouch, you can skip the implementation phase and activate your existing data immediately. Even Fortune 500 companies are powering smarter campaigns in days, not months.

Graph of a clock connecting to a rocket ship.
Graph of a clock connecting to a rocket ship.

Data availability

Leverage all your customer data

Legacy CDPs rely on analytics events captured in-app or on-site. But what about all your other data, e.g. data science models, point-of-sales systems, loyalty, ads, etc.? With Hightouch, marketing teams can leverage all their organization’s customer data.

A circular graph with Hightouch in the center and surrounding nodes labeled 'Advertising Data', 'Point of Sales', 'Data Science Models', 'Web Events', and 'App Events'.
A circular graph with Hightouch in the center and surrounding nodes labeled 'Advertising Data', 'Point of Sales', 'Data Science Models', 'Web Events', and 'App Events'.


Customizable to meet your needs

Legacy CDPs are built around rigid data models that only support entities like users and events. In reality, every company's customer data is unique. Hightouch conforms directly to YOUR data and not the other way around.

A graph showing a Data Warehouse connecting to multiple nodes labeled 'User', 'Plan', 'Account', 'Workspace', 'Products', and 'Custom 'Objects'.
A graph showing a Data Warehouse connecting to multiple nodes labeled 'User', 'Plan', 'Account', 'Workspace', 'Products', and 'Custom 'Objects'.
Calvin French-Owen.

If there’s been one monumental shift in the data landscape, it’s the rise of the data warehouse. The warehouse is the new source of truth for all of a business' data: customers, revenue, and inventory. I haven’t talked with any company operating at scale that doesn’t leverage a warehouse. It makes a ton of sense to base your business decisions off that source of truth, and that’s exactly what Hightouch is doing.

Calvin French-Owen

Calvin French-Owen



Keep your data secure

Unlike legacy CDPs, Hightouch never stores any of your data. We believe that companies should have full control over their data. Hightouch is the obvious choice in high-risk industries like healthcare & financial services.

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SOC 2 Type 2 compliant.

SOC 2 Type 2 compliant

Your data stays secure, available, and confidential. To see our report, .

GDPR compliant.

GDPR compliant

If you’re in the EU, your data is only processed on EU data centers.

HIPAA compliant.

HIPAA compliant

Healthcare companies like ThirtyMadison, Chapter Health, and Headway trust Hightouch.

CCPA compliant.

CCPA compliant

To see our DPA (Data Processing Addendum), .

Customer stories

Leading companies trust Hightouch to activate their customer data

Ben Tengelsen

IntelyCare grew 300% during COVID and saved $1M in marketing spend with Hightouch

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Jason Feng

Zeplin improved sales productivity by prioritizing leads using customer data with Hightouch

Max Sutra

Gorgias drove a +60% lift in customer acquisition and doubled paid media event match rates with data activation

Auto Trader.
Darren Haken

AutoTrader built a composable CDP using Hightouch and increased engagement for new car buyers by 20%

Compare Club.
Ryan Newsome

Compare Club increased LTV and improved time savings with Hightouch

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Built by the experts in customer data management

Tejas Manohar.

Tejas Manohar

ex-Engineering Lead,

Cherry Miao.

Cherry Miao

ex-Head of Data,

Brian Kotlyar.

Brian Kotlyar

ex-EVP of Marketing,
New Relic

Alec Haase.

Alec Haase

ex-Director of MarTech,
Red Ventures

Heather Delleney.

Heather Delleney

ex-Director of Solutions Partnerships,

Andrew Jesien.

Andrew Jesien

ex-Principal Solutions Engineer,

Kristina Gehringer.

Kristina Gehringer

ex-Sr. Account Manager,

Ju Lee.

Ju Lee

ex-Solutions Lead,

Speak with the team

If you’re thinking about CDP,
talk to us first.

Itay Rahat.

I've been in MarTech for 15+ years, and no category is more confusing than CDP. The Hightouch team has a wealth of perspective on the different solutions in the space, how they fit together, and what makes sense for your organization. Highly recommend speaking with them if you're even starting to think about CDP.

Itay Rahat

Itay Rahat

VP MarTech, Audiences

Warner Music Group

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Want to learn more?.
Want to learn more?.
Darren Haken.
AutoTrader logo.

CDPs try to do everything but aren’t masters at anything. They are also black boxes with no observability. That’s why we went with Hightouch and our data warehouse, which acts as an olive branch between data and marketing teams: letting marketers build audiences without an engineer.

Darren Haken

Darren Haken

Head of Engineering


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