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Ortto brings the customer data platform, customer journey marketing, and customer journey analytics together to grow your SaaS business.

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Sync users and organization from your warehouse to Ortto.

Trusted by teams at


Trusted by teams at

Get data to Ortto better with Hightouch

Sync users, organization and audiences from your warehouse to Ortto.

Ortto allows online businesses to unify their customer data with their CDP, segment key audiences across the customer lifecycle; activate these audiences with personalized, omnichannel experiences, and analyze their business for growth with a powerful suite of BI tools.

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Airtable to Ortto
Chaotic graph of interconnected nodes representing data warehouses, data, and business tools.

Before Hightouch

  • Inconsistent and inaccurate data
  • Laborious and expensive
  • Brittle and inflexible
Clean and easily readable graph of data moving from a warehouse node, to Hightouch, to business tools.

After Hightouch

  • Consistent and accurate
  • Observable and governed
  • Scalable and flexible

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