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Announcing the Hightouch Personalization API

A fast, flexible API for personalizing your customer experiences

Alexis Jones .

Alexis Jones

January 25, 2023

4 minutes

Diagram of how data flows from the warehouse to any app in real-time with the Hightouch Personalization API.

Today, we are excited to launch the Hightouch Personalization API. With this feature, Hightouch users can programmatically query and return data from any of their data models in real-time. The response data can then be used to deliver personalized experiences across the customer journey 🎉.

Traditional Reverse ETL allows users to sync data out (push) from the data warehouse into 125+ SaaS destinations based on a pre-configured schedule. The Personalization API enables users to flip that paradigm and fetch (pull) data directly from a highly-performant API.

The Personalization API brings the data warehouse closer to the center of the business, allowing any data model to be accessed by any system—whether an internal app or SaaS tool—with sub-30 millisecond latency and can handle up to 1 million requests per second. By leveraging the Personalization API, teams can combine the analytical compute of the data warehouse with the real-time performance of a low-latency, high-throughput, and globally distributed database. It's the best of both worlds.

Driving Personalization at Scale

Read our whitepaper to learn how you can hyper-personalize your customer experiences on top of your data warehouse.

Preview of Driving Personalization at Scale with Snowflake, Fivetran, and Hightouch.
Preview of Driving Personalization at Scale with Snowflake, Fivetran, and Hightouch.

Personalization Made Easy

This feature makes it easier than ever for teams to deliver personalization use cases like:

  • Powering personalized marketing campaigns by enriching marketing touchpoints with dynamic data points like product recommendations in customer engagement platforms like Braze or Iterable.
  • Delivering in-app or web personalization like customized search results, cohort based pricing and messaging, article recommendations, or nearest store locations to drive conversions
  • Optimizing product experimentation by delivering up-to-date customer information like audience inclusion or exclusion to decisioning and experimentation systems for multivariate testing

With the Personalization API, any team is able to seamlessly access customer or object data from a single API. Rather than needing to sync (push) each individual data point into customer engagement platforms like Braze or Iterable, the API enables teams to pull in up-to-date customer data to personalize email or SMS templates at the moment that they are sent.

The Hightouch API can call any data model, including those that deliver production ML use cases

Similarly, updated customer, object, or product information can be returned the moment that a customer engages with your site or web experiences, ensuring that they receive the most personalized experience possible each time they interact with your brand.

Austin Hay.

In the old days, relying on rigid data constraints imposed by CDPs, you had to do everything right upfront (event instrumentation, schema planning, enrichment) to achieve true personalization. It took so much work and there wasn’t much room for experimentation and adaptive learning. Now, anyone with a warehouse can actually do real-time personalization in minutes by using the Hightouch Personalization API on top of their warehouse.

Austin Hay

Austin Hay

Head of Marketing Technology



Maximizing Impact for Data Teams

Data teams work hard to ensure that their work drives meaningful value for their business. The Personalization API brings data teams one step closer to the business by enabling them to seamlessly activate their data models to any web or product experience. For example, let's say a data team created concert recommendations for an entertainment business. Previously, making these data points available for product and marketing utilization was difficult and involved either setting up a transactional database or storing the data in a personalization tool. Now, using the Personalization API, the recommendations can be readily available to be pulled in to personalize the organization's web, app, and even remarketing experiences.

Thanks to the flexibility of the data warehouse, and unlocking that data with Hightouch, users can fetch customer data from virtually any data model — from the audiences they are currently a member of like High_Purchase_Propensity to individual user attributes like User_Recent_Location to Latest_Portfolio_ Balance — with the Personalization API.

Get Started

The Hightouch Personalization API is available as an additional feature for Business Tier customers today. Learn more here, or reach out to your sales rep to get started.

Driving Personalization at Scale

Read our whitepaper to learn:

  • How PetSmart delivers personalized messages
  • How IntelyCare increased controlled experiments by 700%
  • How Warner Music Group manages fans, artists, and labels
Preview of Driving Personalization at Scale with Snowflake, Fivetran, and Hightouch.
Preview of Driving Personalization at Scale with Snowflake, Fivetran, and Hightouch.

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