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What's New at Hightouch? (Feb 2023)

February is a short month, but our engineering team is constantly raising the bar. Check out all of the new integrations, features, and improvements we made in the past month.

Luke Kline.

Luke Kline

March 1, 2023

2 minutes

New Hightouch integrations.

New Features

Customer Studio: We officially launched Customer Studio, an entire suite of purpose-built marketer-first features that enable everyone to unleash the power of the data warehouse.

Customer Studio

This new suite of tools includes:

  • Audiences 2.0: create audiences with our no-code audience builder
  • Splits: run experiments on randomized cohorts
  • Priority Lists: manage omnichannel marketing journeys
  • Insights: expose analytics about your audiences as you build them
  • Traits: compute valuable data points like “Last Page Viewed” or “LTV”

Read our latest blog post for more info.

New Destinations

Gladly: Sync data directly to Gladly so your customer service team can provide better and more personalized support for your customers.

MariaDB: Combine the analytical power of your data warehouse with the low-latency performance of a transactional database and sync data directly from your warehouse to MariaDB.

CitrusAD: Sync data to CitrusAd and deliver more relevant ads both onsite and across the web by combining data from various sources within your warehouse to build custom audiences.

Correlated: Sync custom audiences to Correlated and build propensity scores and playbooks for your leads to optimize your conversion rates.

Destination Enhancements

NetSuite 0Auth: We can now make requests to your account via 0Auth and generate an access_token, for even more security.

HTTP Request Batching: Send multiple rows per HTTP request.

SFMC Mirror Mode: Our SMFC destination now supports mirror mode. This is the fastest way to sync to SMFC Data Extensions.

Platform Enhancements

Azure Repos Support for Git Sync: Our Git Sync integration now integrates with Azure Repos, which means you can leverage your existing version control to bi-directionally manage your models in syncs.

Hightouch Git Sync integration

More on the blog

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    Announcing Hightouch Customer Studio

    An entire suite of purpose-built marketer-first features that enable everyone to unleash the power of the data warehouse.

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