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Hightouch Acquires HeadsUp

The HeadsUp team will help build our AI-powered Customer 360 Toolkit for the Composable CDP.

Tejas Manohar.

Tejas Manohar

Kashish Gupta.

Kashish Gupta

Joshua Curl.

Joshua Curl

November 16, 2023

2 minutes

AI for the Composable CDP: Hightouch Acquires HeadsUp

We’re thrilled to announce today that we have acquired HeadsUp. This acquisition will further our vision to build warehouse-native Customer 360 profiles into the Composable Customer Data Platform (CDP).

HeadsUp, founded by Earl Lee and Momo Ong, models complex data into Customer 360 profiles and predicts conversions for companies like Contentful and Dialpad. HeadsUp leverages AI and machine learning models to identify conversion opportunities and power sales teams. CEO Earl Lee is joining Hightouch to spearhead Customer 360 development.

Addressing the Data Readiness Gap

Companies such as, PetSmart, and Grammarly use the Hightouch Composable Customer Data Platform to activate data from the warehouse to their downstream tools and power marketing, advertising, and operations use cases. As we’ve worked with companies like these to turn the warehouse into a hub for action, we increasingly saw the need for better tooling to model and unify warehouse data. It became clear that the next challenge we needed to solve in our mission to empower Data Activation is data preparation.

To address this need, we raised $38M this summer and launched a Customer 360 Toolkit in the cloud data warehouse. This toolkit addresses data readiness, allowing business teams to easily perform identity resolution and complex entity data modeling directly in the warehouse.

Hightouch's Customer 360 Toolkit Product

Acquiring HeadsUp advances product development for enterprise Customer 360 products: Lee’s experience will help drive AI and ML-driven Customer 360 development in the data warehouse. These new capabilities will empower data and marketing teams to make the most of their existing data and use it to power operations, advertising, and more.

Closing Thoughts

We’re thrilled and honored to welcome Earl Lee to the Hightouch team. We’re going to keep pushing to make the warehouse accessible and actionable– and this acquisition is another step in that journey.

Hightouch’s Customer 360 Toolkit is already live and accepting customers. To learn more, schedule a meeting with our solution engineers.

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