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Announcing Our Solutions Partner Program

Learn how you can become a Hightouch solution partner and drive more value for your customers.

Shiri Friedman


August 31, 2022


3 minutes

Announcing Our Solutions Partner Program.

Hightouch is a people-first company. Helping customers is our number one mantra, from our product roadmap to our sales methodology.

From the early days of Hightouch, we've been partnering with solutions partners like consultants – everything from individual data experts to the world's largest consulting firms. We know that Data Activation and Reverse ETL are part of a company's broader investment in data that can't be solved by software alone. Our partners are uniquely positioned to help us solve customer problems by bringing in deep technical and industry expertise.

That's why we are excited to announce the launch of our Solutions Partner Program for consultancies, agencies, and regional SIs.

Our Vision for Partners

It's our goal to build an ecosystem of diverse partners who excel at delivering exceptional data-driven solutions to our joint customers. To do this, we've built a partner program that makes every interaction with our partners easy, productive, and valuable. For example, we've prioritized quick async communication via Slack instead of adding another recurring weekly meeting to the calendar. We welcome technical brainstorming with our SEs to collaboratively solve a client problem together. And we've begun regular partner feedback sessions because we want our partners to influence how our program, product, and business grows.

Our initial launch is centered on building a strong foundation for partners:

  • product and sales enablement that will make you an expert in Data Activation
  • an enterprise-grade sandbox workspace for learning and demoing to clients
  • account mapping and access to our sales team to find joint opportunities
  • joint Slack channels for each partner for ease and speed of collaboration
  • co-marketing opportunities, including webinars, meetups, and conference sessions to drive joint demand
  • monthly product enablement sessions to ensure partners have the latest product information and GTM resources
  • partner directory to drive new leads from the Hightouch website

Most importantly, this program will evolve as the opportunities and needs of our partners change. Our joint successes will inform future investments in and iterations of the program.

Hightouch is so easy that sometimes it feels like magic. Within minutes of connecting Hightouch, our clients are able to use their data warehouse to power personalized email campaigns, product analytics, and targeted advertising. Plus, the Hightouch team is always excited to brainstorm new ideas to create value for our clients.

Scott Breitenother

Scott Breitenother


, Brooklyn Data Co.

Everyone is invited – from one-person consulting companies to regional SIs with thousands of employees, from consultants focusing on data to marketing to RevOps to everything in between. We recognize the impact every partner has, and our program is designed to support the unique needs of each partner. We want all partners to feel empowered to drive value for their clients with Hightouch.

Cheers to Our Inaugural Partners

We wouldn't be here today if it were not for the early partnerships that helped us recognize the massive opportunity to join forces and drive value together. We're thrilled to announce the following organizations as our Inaugural Partners:

Screen Shot 2022-08-31 at 1.30.09 PM.png

Visit our partners to learn more about their exceptional services: Merkle, Tinuiti, Big Time Data, 4Mile, Defused Data, Brooklyn Data Co, Servian, Hifly Labs, Mozart Data, phData, Mammoth Growth, Madison Ave Consulting, Aptitude, Untitled, Ragnarok, Stacked Collective, Montreal Analytics

Join us today

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