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How Knock uses Hightouch’s HTTP Request Destination to power notifications

Knock has made it easy to send notifications from the data warehouse by using our flexible and customizable HTTP Request Destination.

Nate Wardwell.

Nate Wardwell

March 12, 2024

3 minutes

Sync data from the warehouse to Knock, using Hightouch.

Let’s take a minute to celebrate the team at Knock for their innovative problem-solving. Knock is building a flexible developer-first notification infrastructure. They wanted to let their customers power notifications directly from the data warehouse as part of their new “Knock Sources” feature, and knew that Reverse ETL was the best way to get data from the warehouse into their platform. Knock’s engineers then took matters into their own hands: they leveraged our flexible HTTP Request Destination to create this connection themselves.

Now, after you integrate Hightouch with Knock once, any team member can create and update new notification workflows by using a Hightouch sync from the data warehouse. This means that you can easily trigger notifications based on any data you gather into the warehouse, whether it originated on your website, in your various marketing and CRM tools, in a store, or even in a predictive model (i.e. a ML model predicts that a customer is likely to churn).

Many of our own customers have used our HTTP Request Destination to integrate Hightouch with any API, without writing code. We love how Knock used this feature to enhance their own product while empowering our mutual customers to create powerful warehouse-driven notifications.

How it Works

Within Hightouch, you start with a one-time setup process to connect to Knock as a custom HTTP Destination. Knock has written a straightforward guide to this process here.

After that, you can sync data to Knock just like any of our other destinations, like Salesforce, Facebook Ads, and more. You connect your data source and then define the models you want to sync to Knock. You can build models directly in Hightouch using SQL, our code-free audience builder, or tools like dbt or Looker.

Sync data to Knock and all of your other tools

You can set syncs to more than 200 destinations on a one-time or recurring basis, so your data stays fresh and up-to-date in every tool you use. Your data in Knock will be up-to-date with your source of truth and will match what you’re syncing to all of your other tools.

Get Started

Existing customers can follow this guide to set up Knock via our HTTP Request Destination. If you aren’t using Hightouch today, we’d love to talk to you! Reach out to our solutions engineers for a demo today to see how Hightouch can help your team activate your data into Knock and all of your other tools.

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