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Announcing Hightouch’s New Insider Integration

Enrich Insider with all of your company’s data to power individualized customer experiences across channels.

Nate Wardwell.

Nate Wardwell

August 9, 2023

3 minutes

Hightouch syncs data into Insider

Insider is now available as a destination in Hightouch! Insider—a single platform for building individualized, cross-channel experiences—enables enterprise marketers to connect customer data across channels and systems, predict their future behavior with an AI intent engine, and build individualized customer experiences. Marketers use Insider’s platform to deliver consistent and engaging experiences across Web, App, Web Push, Email, SMS, WhatsApp Commerce, and more.

Now, marketers can power their campaigns and experiences in Insider with all the data their company collects. Hightouch can sync data from any source directly into Insider, enabling marketers to personalize customer experiences based on the full suite of data they’ve collected and models they’ve built in their data warehouses and database.

Meyar Sheik.

Our partnership with Hightouch highlights our unwavering dedication to providing brands with seamless access to enriched and unified data, enabling them to elevate CX across all touchpoints to deliver genuine, value-driven customer experiences with their customers. With this seamless integration, brands can harness the power of data like never before and drive profit from their warehouse data with Insider’s ability to deliver next-generation personalization on 10+ channels.

Meyar Sheik

Meyar Sheik

Global President


Sample Use Cases

Power Personalized Customer Journeys

Reach customers with the right messaging, in the right channel, at the right time. Insider coordinates personalized messaging across channels for customers based on their attributes and past actions, leveraging powerful AI prediction engines. Using Hightouch, marketers can keep Insider’s data fresh, updating user lists and their attributes with all new data added to their warehouse. This ensures that Insider’s customer journeys reach the broadest possible audience, with the most granular and accurate personalization possible.

Increase Customer Engagement

Insider engages customers on a rich variety of channels like WhatsApp, Email, SMS, Push Notifications, and In-App Messages, and provides immersive experiences, including gamification, personalized recommendations, and dynamic messaging. Hightouch powers all of these engagement strategies with up-to-date customer information that companies store in their data warehouse.

In an increasingly privacy-focused regulatory and cultural environment, proper customer data governance is essential to prevent brands from damaging trust or incurring fines. Data teams are well equipped to appropriately govern customer data within the data warehouse, including opt-outs and deletion requests. Using Hightouch, marketers can keep Insider’s data aligned with the warehouse, where data teams implement data governance policies to adhere to privacy regulations.

How it Works

Within Hightouch, you can sync data to Insider just like any of our other destinations, like Google Ad Manager, Hubspot, and more. You start by connecting your data source and then define the models you want to sync to Insider. You can build models with tools like SQL, dbt, or our code-free visual audience builder. You can set syncs to more than 200 destinations on a one-time or recurring basis, so your data stays fresh and up-to-date in every tool you use. Your data in Insider will be up-to-date with your source of truth, and will match what you’re syncing to all of your other tools. For more information, read our documentation about Insider.

sync-to-destination workflow

Get Started

Insider is available in the Destinations tab in Hightouch workspaces for all pricing plans. Reach out to our solutions engineers for a demo today to see how Hightouch can help your team activate your data into Insider.

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