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Announcing Campaign Intelligence: Self-Service Analytics for Marketers

No more asking data teams for help or hopping between tools. It’s time to unlock the data warehouse for marketers.

Tejas Manohar.

Tejas Manohar

Kashish Gupta.

Kashish Gupta

March 19, 2024

4 minutes

Campaign Intelligence has an AI copilot that make it easy to find answers to your questions.

No matter how great your marketing ideas are, your success hinges on your ability to try new things, understand what’s working, and iterate quickly. Unfortunately, understanding what’s working is a massive challenge today for most marketing teams. They struggle to analyze performance across channels and data silos, are often stuck with basic metrics, and have to rely on technical teams for deeper insights.

Today, we’re launching Campaign Intelligence, a new product in the Hightouch platform, to tackle these challenges head on. Campaign Intelligence gives marketers an easy, self-service platform for marketing analytics on top of complete campaign and customer data in the data warehouse. Combined with the rest of Hightouch, marketers can now build audiences, orchestrate cross-channel experiments, and measure campaign ROI–all within one platform

What’s different about Campaign Intelligence?

Every marketing and advertising platform has its own built-in analytics capabilities– so why did we build Campaign Intelligence? These features are user-friendly, but they all suffer from incomplete data. Each platform only reports on data from its own campaigns and has different definitions for metrics like sessions and unique users. Marketers have to hop between them all to understand holistic performance and can’t compare metrics apples-to-apples.

For years, BI has been the answer. While these tools are flexible and can access all your data, the reality is they aren’t designed for marketing teams. Inevitably, this results in a backlog of marketing requests to the data team.

Marketing tools don't have complete data, and BI tools aren't marketer-friendly

Campaign Intelligence bridges this gap. It lets marketers measure their activities in one central and trusted place, with apples-to-apples metrics across the entire customer journey. It’s more user-friendly than BI and purpose-built for common marketing use cases.

The biggest benefits of using Campaign Intelligence are:

  • Explore complete data. Make better decisions by analyzing all of your customer touchpoints and attributes across channels in the data warehouse. If you’re missing some data, Hightouch can directly ingest campaigns from all major advertising and lifecycle marketing tools, powered by Fivetran.
  • Move faster. Campaign Intelligence was built for marketers and is actually easy-to-use. Marketers can explore customer data and funnels on the fly without relying on data teams.
  • Close the loop between insights and action. Deeply understand your customers while building audiences and journeys. Once a campaign goes live, easily understand what’s working to help you build the next one.

See Campaign Intelligence in action

At Hightouch, we are extremely passionate about making the best product experiences for marketers. Campaign Intelligence was built for marketers from the ground up. Check out a video demo of the product and then some common use cases our customers have already solved.

Here are some of the most common use cases our customers are solving with Campaign Intelligence:

Build custom funnels to understand customer journeys. Immediately turn that analysis into action by syncing audiences to your tools. One example in practice: a lifecycle marketer measured how many users who were sent an email clicked to the site, and then who completed a purchase. Then, they created an audience of customers who clicked to the site but did not purchase, and synced it to Google Ads and Facebook for paid remarketing.

Build a custom funnel and an audience from it

Run A/B and incrementality tests across channels, and measure how they impact any metric. A lifecycle marketer at a major e-commerce retailer used this to compare sales from a promotion run across email and Facebook.

Measure experiment results

Explore data with an AI-powered copilot to quickly uncover deep campaign and customer insights. It’s easy and intuitive to use natural language to dive into your data and answer any follow-up questions.

Explore data with an AI-powered copilot

Finally, we have a unified campaign dashboard in the works, where you will be able to measure and compare the performance of campaigns across platforms and channels. Performance marketers can use this to better understand results across all of their campaigns to help prioritize ad spend.

Comparing campaigns across channels

Getting Started

Campaign Intelligence is now generally available. It's been used by customers for the last 6 months. It's still early days, but we're moving quickly and excited to partner with our customers to evolve our product as we build the single platform for all of your marketing data needs. Book a demo with our solutions engineers, or contact me at to learn more.

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