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Introducing Hightouch’s Attio Integration

Power Attio, the next-generation CRM, with your full data from the warehouse.

Nate Wardwell.

Nate Wardwell

May 2, 2024

3 minutes

Keep Attio up to date with data from your data warehouse

Attio is now available as a destination in Hightouch! Attio is a customer relationship management (CRM) solution that’s built for the modern startup and product-led growth (PLG) company. Now, it’s easier than ever to send your complete company data from the warehouse into Attio with Hightouch.

Attio and Hightouch share a lot of DNA. Like Hightouch, Attio recognizes that modern companies need flexible data schemas to effectively represent their unique business, customers, products, and more. Just like data flexibility differentiates Hightouch from traditional Customer Data Platforms (CDPs), Attio’s powerful and intuitive flexibility makes it stand out in the CRM market. Similarly, Attio is also user-friendly, abstracting complex processes so go-to-market teams can organize and use their data without needing deep technical expertise.

By syncing data from the warehouse into Attio, users can organize and automate any action based on the full suite of customer touchpoints and attributes from across their company. Hightouch makes it self-serve to get any data into Attio, and Attio takes the next step to allow go-to-market teams to easily act on that data.

“We’re on a mission to reinvent CRM for the modern era,” said Nicolas Sharp, co-founder and CEO of Attio. “Our integration with Hightouch allows users to leverage their complete data in the CRM as easily as possible. Using Attio and Hightouch, customers can build a CRM that precisely matches their data structures and business model.”

How it Works

Within Hightouch, you can sync data to Attio just like any of our other destinations, like Salesforce, HubSpot, and more. You connect your data source and then define models you want to sync to Attio, such as companies, people, or other custom objects. You can build models directly in Hightouch using SQL, our code-free audience builder, or tools like dbt or Looker.

You can then set syncs to more than 200 destinations on a one-time or recurring basis, so your data stays fresh and up-to-date in every tool you use. Your data in Attio will be up-to-date with your source of truth and will match what you’re syncing to all of your other tools. For more information, read our documentation about Attio.

Sync data to Attio and all of your tools

Get Started

Attio is available in the Destinations tab in Hightouch workspaces for all pricing plans. Reach out to our solutions engineers for a demo today to see how Hightouch can help your team activate your data into Attio.

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