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3 Great Ways to Schedule A Hightouch Sync From Your Existing Workflows

We've got three great ways of integrating Hightouch with your existing workflows: Airflow Operators, dbt Cloud integrations, and Webhook APIs.

Pedram Navid


April 20, 2021


2 minutes

3 Great Ways to Schedule A Hightouch Sync From Your Existing Workflows.

We've made scheduling even more powerful at Hightouch! We've been big fans of both Airflow and dbt Cloud, and are happy to announce some great new integrations that help tie Hightouch in with your existing data workflows.

dbt Cloud Sync


A lot of our customers are already using dbt Cloud to manage their dbt models and these models already have a scheduled refresh using the built-in dbt Cloud scheduler. Running a Hightouch Sync is a natural next step after you have refreshed your models, and we make integrating with dbt super simple.

Simply set your schedule type to dbt Cloud and select the job to associate your Hightouch Sync with and we'll handle the rest. Check out our docs for more details!



Some of our customers have more complex workflows orchestrated by Airflow. For example, one customer is using Stripe webhooks that trigger an AWS Lambda function. That lambda processes the Webhook and updates an internal database.

From there, the data is synced into Snowflake, and dbt is used to refresh the models. The orchestration of these steps is all performed via Airflow, but the only missing piece was taking this product information and connecting it into Salesforce for the sales team to have an accurate view of their customers.

With Hightouch and the Airflow operator, they're able to trigger a Hightouch sync from Snowflake into Salesforce to make sure their sales team has an accurate view of the product without having to open another tool.

We made this very simple with a custom Airflow provider, and with just a few lines of code, you can trigger any Hightouch sync as part of your Airflow workflow.



Web APIs

If none of these tools fit your use-cases, we also have a traditional API for triggering a sync. You can submit a simple HTTP request to our API and we'll get a sync started right away.

If any of these integrations seem useful, give Hightouch a try. It's free to start, and you have a team of dedicated and responsive people here to make the experience as seamless as possible. Have any other ideas for an integration? We'd love to hear from you

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