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Industry leaders use Hightouch to turn Snowflake into a marketing, sales, success and operational engine.

Imperfect Foods increased reactivations by 53% and decreased CAC by 15% with personalized emails and ads powered by Snowflake data.

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Lucid increased ROAS by 52% and increased new new users by 37% with personalized ads powered by Snowflake data

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Vendr automates customer touchpoints with dbt, Hightouch & Snowflake

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Zeplin drives product led growth with syncs to Sales (Salesforce), Marketing (Intercom), Product (Mixpanel) and Customer Success (Totango)

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Composable CDP

Snowflake as your CDP

Why buy a CDP when all of your data modeling is already done directly in Snowflake? Push Data Cloud insights to operational systems of record, including SaaS tools used for growth, marketing, sales and support.

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Turn Snowflake into your marketing engine by activating first and third party data from Snowflake’s marketplace. The biggest brands in data trust Hightouch to sync data across advertising and marketing platforms.

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Hightouch is the first Data Activation platform in Partner Connect. Sync insights from Snowflake to your business tools. With seamless access to data activation, using Hightouch with the Data Cloud is secure, easy, and nearly instant.

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First Class Integration with Snowflake

Hightouch is part of the Powered by Snowflake program enabling apps to be built on top of the data cloud, with first class support from their team

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Hightouch has achieved both Snowflake-ready and Premier Partner status, designating Hightouch as a validated partner that adheres to the Data Cloud’s best practices for product integrations.

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Activate first and third party data in the data marketplace. Hundreds of customers use Hightouch to activate customer data from Snowflake directly across advertising and marketing platforms.

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Using Partner Connect, Hightouch integrates with Snowflake in just one click.

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Snowflake partner of the year 2022

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Your data warehouse is your source of truth for customer data. Hightouch syncs this data to the tools that your business teams rely on.

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