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Salesforce Pardot (Sandbox).

Salesforce Pardot (Sandbox)

Run better email campaigns on Salesforce Pardot with up-to-date customer data from your data warehouse

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Build more personalized email campaigns using rich customer data from your warehouse

Send automated emails to granular segments of users based on product-usage data

Enable your teams to create more relevant and timely outbound campaigns

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Trusted by teams at

Get data to Salesforce Pardot (Sandbox) better with Hightouch

You want to send relevant, timely emails to your prospects and customers but doing so heavily relies on the accuracy and freshness of the data in your Pardot account. By automatically syncing customer data from your data warehouse into Pardot, you no longer need to worry about data consistency because data is no longer flowing in from multiple sources in different formats, and most importantly, your marketing and sales teams now have all the context and data they need in order to create highly personalized and relevant campaigns.

Pardot by Salesforce offers powerful marketing automation to help marketing and sales teams find and nurture the best leads, close more deals, and maximize ROI.

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Airtable to Salesforce Pardot (Sandbox)
Chaotic graph of interconnected nodes representing data warehouses, data, and business tools.

Before Hightouch

  • Inconsistent and inaccurate data
  • Laborious and expensive
  • Brittle and inflexible
Clean and easily readable graph of data moving from a warehouse node, to Hightouch, to business tools.

After Hightouch

  • Consistent and accurate
  • Observable and governed
  • Scalable and flexible

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