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Reach the people who will care most about you, whether they’re just discovering you, or have engaged with you before.

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Create and seed new audience lists with warehouse data

Add or remove contacts from audience lists to maintain up-to-date membership

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Trusted by teams at

Get data to Criteo better with Hightouch

This destination lets you push data from various sources into Criteo to create and update membership of audiences allowing you to maintain up-to-date segments of contact lists. Create a new audience and add new members within a single sync. Subsequent syncs will update membership to the audience. Use your audiences to leverage Criteo's targeting suite to reach active in-market shoppers ready to engage with you and become your next loyal customers.

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Airtable to Criteo
Chaotic graph of interconnected nodes representing data warehouses, data, and business tools.

Before Hightouch

  • Inconsistent and inaccurate data
  • Laborious and expensive
  • Brittle and inflexible
Clean and easily readable graph of data moving from a warehouse node, to Hightouch, to business tools.

After Hightouch

  • Consistent and accurate
  • Observable and governed
  • Scalable and flexible

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