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Seamlessly create unique storefronts for each facet of your business, all managed through one BigCommerce dashboard.

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Create and update BigCommerce orders, including updating order status

Create and update customers in BigCommerce with details from your warehouse

Trusted by leading companies to sync data securely at scale


Improve your BigCommerce data with Hightouch

E-commerce use cases

Access, process, and analyze customer and product data from across your business. Then activate that data to create personalized, one-to-one experiences in your e-commerce store. Additionally, by keeping product data such as inventory levels and sales trends up-to-date, you can make informed decisions about product offerings and pricing strategies.

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All 35+ BigCommerce integrations

Airtable to BigCommerce
Chaotic graph of interconnected nodes representing data warehouses, data, and business tools.

Before Hightouch

  • Inconsistent and inaccurate data
  • Laborious and expensive
  • Brittle and inflexible
Clean and easily readable graph of data moving from a warehouse node, to Hightouch, to business tools.

After Hightouch

  • Consistent and accurate
  • Observable and governed
  • Scalable and flexible

Activate your data in less than 5 minutes