Everything a CDP does and more, 10x faster

Learn how and why companies are turning their data warehouse into a CDP.

Standalone CDPs take months to implement and pass security review because they need to collect new data. But you already have data in your data warehouse! Why not activate that data now? Adopting a Standalone CDP solution simply creates a second source of truth within your organization and forces you to give your data to another third-party vendor.

If you use your data warehouse as your CDP (powered by Hightouch), you can activate your data immediately, sending it to the tools you use to run your business (like CRMs and Marketing tools) without requiring any engineering work. Plus, marketers can even self-serve and create their own Audiences.

The emergence of the modern data stack has introduced the “best-in-breed” tools that pair directly with your data warehouse, making it easier than before to ingest, store, visualize and activate your data at scale for your various marketing teams and business users.

Adding CDP functionality to your warehouse does not require hours of engineering effort and it’s actually not that complicated. If you already have a warehouse then you probably already have many of the necessary components.

Read this paper to learn:

  • Why the data warehouse has more functionality than a CDP

  • How to turn your data warehouse into a CDP

  • The tools needed to turn your warehouse into a CDP

  • Real-life examples of companies turning their warehouse into a CDP

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