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Feature Release: Protecting Data-Driven Operations at Scale

Hightouch’s new app homepage makes identifying and resolving data issues easy. Never disrupt revenue again.

Nate Wardwell.

Nate Wardwell

October 5, 2023

4 minutes

Hightouch's new workspace activity dashboard

Thanks to Data Activation, customer data doesn’t just enable analytics; it powers marketing, advertising, personalization, and all sorts of operations. Real money is at stake if something goes wrong, and a data outage can be just as damaging as a site outage. When users power business outcomes with their data, they put their reputations on the line, so they need tools they can trust.

Today, we’re launching a new “Workspace Activity Dashboard” that Hightouch users will see whenever they log in. This gives teams an easy-to-use way to assess the health of their data operations and resolve issues promptly. We’ve built this with scale in mind, so anyone from small businesses to Fortune 100 enterprises with thousands of syncs can effectively manage their data. This blog will share what we’ve built and how this new capability supports organizations as they scale their real-world data use cases.

Why Monitoring Matters for Data Activation

Hightouch users are at the forefront of using data to power operations in wildly diverse use cases. Data syncs to advertising platforms support significant amounts of budget in lookalike audience campaigns and through suppression lists. Syncs to lifecycle marketing tools drive sales, customer retention, and personalization campaigns. Syncs power sales operations through Salesforce, HubSpot, Slack alerts, and more. As our customers rapidly expand their data activation use cases, it’s increasingly critical for them to understand what’s working well– and what’s not.

Hightouch is the last place data owners interact with their centralized data before distributing it to their end destinations so business teams take over. Hightouch’s monitoring features are the last line of defense, where data teams resolve any issues before they impact downstream automation, like retargeting campaigns on ad platforms.

Monitoring becomes increasingly challenging at scale, and error alerting alone is not a viable solution. If you get an alert for each failure, how do you distinguish critical issues from minor ones and identify more significant trends in your data health? As companies scale their data use cases, errors become statistically inevitable, and alerts can quickly become unmanageable and distracting. We experienced this issue firsthand recently when we overlooked a critical failure in one of our own data syncs to HubSpot: it was buried amidst a series of less severe alerts.

We’re pushing the needle for how companies activate their data, so we need to move the needle for how they manage and correct it, too.

Our Solution: The Workspace Activity Dashboard

We built a centralized Workspace Activity Dashboard on our app homepage that allows all users to see the health of their syncs across their organization at a glance. We synthesize workspace health at a high level for major sync destinations and provide tools to drill down and identify the individual cause of each particular error or warning flag. Our goal is simple: if you log into Hightouch, you should be able to easily see if your data pipelines are healthy, and if they aren’t, quickly identify the severity of the issue, the causes, and the solutions.

Here’s a deeper tour of the features in the Workspace Activity Dashboard:

Wrapping Up

Hightouch enables organizations of any scale to put their data to work. Our Workspace Activity Dashboard is the latest in a long line of features we’ve built to ensure operational excellence for all of our customers, from small businesses to massive enterprises. We’re creating a future where data teams can confidently drive real business value and manage their pipelines rigorously and easily. To see Hightouch in action, you can request a demo from our solutions engineers.

Best-in-Class Governance Features

Download this whitepaper to discover Hightouch's enterprise-grade governance features that empower businesses of all sizes, including Petsmart, The NBA, AXS, and more, to securely manage data activation at any scale. Take control of your data management and revolutionize your business with Hightouch.

Preview of Hightouch Governance Features.
Preview of Hightouch Governance Features.

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