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Feature Release: Audience Overlaps

Visualize overlaps between audiences to deliver the most effective campaign.

Alec Haase.

Alec Haase

September 13, 2022

3 minutes

venn diagram.


Today, we are excited to announce the general availability of Audience Overlaps. As part of the family of features within Hightouch Audiences, Overlaps allows users to understand the composition of their audiences better by comparing them to other audiences within Hightouch.

Modern marketing teams coordinate omnichannel efforts in Hightouch by strategically building customer segments and activating them to various destinations like Facebook, Braze, Salesforce, Google, and more. With so many audiences running simultaneously, it can be difficult to ensure that end users aren’t being targeted by multiple campaigns.

Overlaps helps marketers alleviate this problem by providing them feedback as they build new audiences. After creating their desired segmentation, marketers can compare their audience to existing audiences within Hightouch to understand if there is too much (or too little) overlap between them. Once they validate that the audience composition is what they intended, they are able to then activate the audience across their various destinations. This helps marketing teams execute more efficient campaigns and give them confidence that their customers are receiving the most targeted and appropriate campaigns.

## Audience Splits Use-Case:

Let’s say you work on the growth marketing team of a retail pet store. You want to run a reactivation campaign across Facebook and Google to any customers who purchased this year, but not in the last 3 months. You additionally want to segment down to users who purchased 4 or more products to increase your average order value from the campaign.

You build out the following logic in Hightouch and create your audience.

audience conditions

With Overlaps, you can easily compare this audience to another audience you’ve already built called high propensity to purchase, and you see that the overlap is less than 50%.

audience overlap

You change your targeting to two or more products and check your overlap again.

By segmenting to customers that have purchased two or more products, you now see that your overlap is now much higher, giving you confidence that the audience you’re targeting includes enough of your “high propensity to purchase” audience. With this insight, you press ahead and deploy the audience to Google and Facebook to run retargeting efforts.

Your campaign was a success! Your creative resonated with your targeted users and you drove substantial value for your team by targeting the right users thanks to the insights you received from Overlaps.

Get Started

Audience Overlaps is available for all existing Audiences customers. Don’t have Hightouch Audiences enabled? Request a demo here. If you’re not a Hightouch customer yet, you can sign up for a free account, or book a demo.

Have any feedback or ideas for features you’d like to see available in Hightouch Audiences? Reach out to and share them! The team is excited for the continued development of Audiences to ensure we remain the best audience management solution available on the market.

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