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Improving Hightouch’s Traits

How we improved our Traits feature to empower all teams to target new audiences

Tejas Manohar,

Elliot Dahl


August 16, 2023


3 minutes

Hightouch's powerful custom traits feature

The simple concept that drove us to develop Traits in the first place is powerful: you should be able to target customers based on attributes that don’t explicitly exist in your raw data. Some attributes about customers can be derived from raw data which merit dedicated engagement strategies, such as the lifetime value, last product viewed, or most frequently viewed product. We developed Traits in our Customer Studio suite of user-friendly features to ensure that marketers and data teams could derive the best possible insights from their raw data and power downstream tools and campaigns with those insights.

We’ve seen firsthand how Traits can transform operations with some of our enterprise customers. Once we proved the value of Traits, we doubled down to invest in the feature to support our mission to help all companies activate their customer data. We’re excited to share upgrades that make Traits more accessible and easier than ever for all team members to use.

Embedding Traits in Marketer Workflows

Non-technical users of Hightouch’s Customer Studio spend most of their time in Audiences, where they build unique customer segments to sync to downstream tools like advertising and lifecycle marketing platforms. Users build their audiences with nested and/or logic based on existing customer attributes. They can use built-in data insights visualizations to understand the composition of the audience as they go.

Previously, any user who wanted to use a custom trait to build an audience would have to first build that trait on a separate screen. Many new users weren’t even aware that they could do this, let alone how to do it. We’ve removed this complexity by embedding a traits builder directly into Audiences. Now, marketers can build traits on-the-fly, and see in real-time the impact each custom trait has on their audience composition.

Improving Trait Management for Data Teams

As more users leverage custom Traits to target unique audience segments, it’s more important than ever that data teams can easily review and manage all of the traits within their organization. We’ve built a dedicated landing page for all custom traits, allowing data teams to easily review and edit the traits that the rest of their organization relies upon. Teams can easily modify traits, add conditions, and preview results to validate their criteria as they go.

Closing Thoughts

We are constantly iterating at Hightouch to meet and exceed the needs of our users. With these refinements to Traits, we’re ensuring that teams that use Hightouch will get more done, run more impactful campaigns, and better leverage the full range of insights they can derive from their data to drive real business value. To see Traits in action, reach out to us for a demo.

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