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How Hightouch and Fivetran Are Powering More than 150 Data-Driven Organizations

Learn how over 150 data-driven organizations are using Hightouch and Fivetran to turn their data warehouse into an activation layer to power incredible customer experiences.

Shiri Friedman.

Shiri Friedman

October 4, 2022

4 minutes

Image of Hightouch and Fivetran mutual customers.

Mac and cheese. Peanut butter and jelly. Rice and beans. Some things go well together. Here's another to add to the list. Today over 150 organizations use Fivetran and Hightouch to power smart, impactful, data-driven outcomes across every industry, key business teams, and countless use-cases.

What Makes Fivetran and Hightouch a Winning Combination?

Fivetran is the established leader in ELT and data integration. Their platform makes it really easy to get data from various sources into your data warehouse, which saves countless hours in custom pipeline development and maintenance. And strategically, Fivetran helps turn your data warehouse into a single source of truth. Hightouch, founded just two years ago as a "Reverse ETL" solution, is the mirror image of Fivetran.

Hightouch syncs data OUT of your data warehouse directly to the SaaS tools that your business teams rely on. Together, Fivetran and Hightouch let you consolidate all of your data into a warehouse and, from there, push it to over a hundred tools like Salesforce, Zendesk, Facebook, and Braze. The technical benefits of the two solutions are measured in person-hours or the number of additional data sources and destinations served.

However, the macro benefit of Fivetran and Hightouch is even more significant. More than time saved, combining these two tools empowers a warehouse-first strategy. Data teams who want to work with ALL of their data can now do so easily. Fivetran pipelines bring sales data, customer success data, product usage data, marketing data, finance data, and more, all into one central location where it can be viewed, modeled, and manipulated.

Once there, you can use the power of your warehouse to define your key business metrics and KPIs. And with Highouch, you can activate this data in your downstream tools via Reverse ETL syncs. Some examples include:

  • Triggering emails to new users who abandon the registration/signup process
  • Enriching customer support tickets with purchase history
  • Uploading custom audiences to Facebook or Google Ads for retargeting
  • Syncing product usage to Salesforce for enhanced personalization

Your data warehouse is now more than an analytics layer. With Fivetran and Hightouch, your warehouse or lakehouse becomes an activation layer at the center of your data stack, powering incredible customer experiences.

Who Uses Fivetran and Hightouch?

In short, more than 150 data-driven teams utilize Fivetran and Hightouch, including consumer brands like GameStop, Nando's, Ramp, and Plaid and B2B companies (who are focused on product-led growth) like Marq, Spendesk, Grafana, and Stony. These data-driven teams share a few things in common:

  • They are committed to establishing the warehouse as their single source of truth for all of their data.
  • They are determined to deliver hyper-personalized customer experiences.
  • They know Fivetran and Hightouch, in tandem, will make the above two bullet points possible.

Some Delighted Customers

Ernest Prabhakar.

With Databricks, Fivetran, and Hightouch, everyone can bring their own data in any format and compare it with everyone else's to get to the truth so that we can make the right decisions for the company.

Ernest Prabhakar

Ernest Prabhakar

Business Lead


William Tsu.

The value is being able to pull in Salesforce, Marketo, Asana, NetSuite, and Lever, and blend the data from historically separate departments together for analysis. With Hightouch we can then push it out to make sure that everyone's looking at the same metrics.

William Tsu

William Tsu

Customer Success Operations


Miguel Puig.

We wanted to have the data in the data warehouse and marketing tools as soon as possible, including real-time. That was our main criteria for success from the technical point of view.

Miguel Puig

Miguel Puig

Technical Lead


You can get started today! Create a free Hightouch workspace and try Fivetran's 14 day-trial.

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