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Data science meets data activation

Go beyond analytics: activate your data science models from your lakehouse to any business tool.

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Get modeled data from your lakehouse into 200+ apps. Fast.

Data moving through a datawarehouse and Hightouch into various marketing tools and campaigns.
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Use your ML models for more than just analytics

Your lakehouse stores massive amounts of user and event data, which is transformed into ML models that power high-impact use cases like customer propensity to convert or churn. The next step? Sync those models into 200+ downstream tools so data and business teams can deliver stellar customer experiences, together.

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Use your ML models for more than just analytics.

Transform your lakehouse into a powerful CDP

From clickstream to unstructured data, your lakehouse has the first-party data you need to deliver personalized customer experiences. Train and productionize the models that matter to your business, and then activate them into any downstream tool with Hightouch.

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Transform your lakehouse into a powerful CDP.

Hightouch makes it trivial to pull data out of Databricks directly into business systems that business users are familiar with, like Google Sheets for our Operations teams and Salesforce for our Support teams. With Hightouch, we use our single source of truth of our organization's data to drive mission-critical workflows.

Ernie Prabhakar

IT Business Apps Manager at Nauto

The lakehouse is for everyone

Hightouch Customer Studio, an entire suite of no-code features, enables anyone within your organization to activate data from the lakehouse. Build audiences, run experiments and analyze performance with ease.

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The lakehouse is for everyone.

Get started, fast

Find Hightouch in Databricks Partner Connect, and activate your lakehouse in minutes. Write a SQL model or define an audience and start syncing data to any team, anywhere.

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Get started, fast.

Activate your data in less than 5 minutes