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Customer Data 🤝 125+ SaaS Tools

Leading teams trust Hightouch to turn their Snowflake Data Cloud into a marketing, sales, and operational engine.

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Trusted by data teams at

Imperfect Foods.

Trusted by data teams at

You invested in a source of truth. Now put it to work with Hightouch.

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CDPs are not the answer... Snowflake is

You don’t need to deal with the pains of buying a packaged CDP to activate your first-party customer data. Activate customer data and audiences directly from Snowflake to supercharge advertising, sales, and marketing teams.

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CDPs are not the answer... Snowflake is.

Data Clean Rooms made actionable

For the first time, Snowflake customers can now seamlessly activate customer data and marketing insights directly from their Snowflake Data Clean Rooms to over 125 marketing applications and operational tools.

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Data Clean Rooms made actionable.

Get started in minutes, not months

As the first (and only) Data Activation platform in Partner Connect, using Hightouch to activate your Data Cloud is secure, easy, and nearly instant. Start syncing data from Snowflake to your business tools today.

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Get started in minutes, not months.

It’s never been easier to activate the Data Cloud

Powered by.

Powered by

Hightouch is part of the Powered by Snowflake program, enabling apps to be built on top of the data cloud.

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Premier Partner.

Premier Partner

Hightouch has achieved both Snowflake-ready and Premier Partner status.

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Activate first-and third-party data from the data marketplace into hundreds of SaaS tools.

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Partner Connect.

Partner Connect

Using Partner Connect, Hightouch integrates with Snowflake in just one click.

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Ryan Newsome.
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We didn’t choose an off-the-shelf CDP because a substantial amount of engineering is required to get it up and running, and at the end of the day, it is just a second source of truth. Why would we buy a CDP when all of our data modeling is already being done directly in Snowflake?

Ryan Newsome

Ryan Newsome

Head of Data and Analytics


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Leading companies trust Hightouch to activate their Snowflake data cloud

Pet Smart.
Bradley Breuer

PetSmart delivers personalized customer experiences across millions of customers and their pets with Hightouch and Snowflake

Ben Tengelsen

IntelyCare turned their Data Cloud into a marketing engine and grew 300% during COVID while reducing marketing spend by $1 million

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Imperfect Foods.
Adam Smith

Imperfect Foods automated marketing campaign execution and reduced CAC by 15% by activating the Data Cloud

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