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Turn Amazon 
into your CDP

Leading teams trust Hightouch to turn their Amazon Redshift data warehouse into a marketing, sales, and operational engine.

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You invested in a source of truth. Now put it to work with Hightouch.

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Turn your warehouse into a CDP

Skip the implementation phase and duplicative data storage required with a traditional CDP. Use Hightouch to activate customer data and audiences directly from Redshift to supercharge advertising, sales, and marketing teams.

Turn your warehouse into a CDP.
Turn your warehouse into a CDP.

Get started in minutes, not months

Using Hightouch to activate your Redshift data is secure, easy, and nearly instant. Start syncing data from Redshift to your business tools today.

Get started in minutes, not months.
Get started in minutes, not months.
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The value is being able to pull in Salesforce, Marketo, Asana, NetSuite, and Lever, and blend the data from historically separate departments together for analysis. With Hightouch, we can then push it out to make sure that everyone's looking at the same metrics.

William Tsu

William Tsu

Customer Success Operations


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It takes less than 5 minutes to activate your data. Get started today.