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Oracle Responsys is a cross-channel campaign management platform that delivers advanced intelligence at scale so you can create personalized messages based on customers' and prospects' individual interests and preferences.

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Create base profile list members

Add custom attributes and properties to the base profiles

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Trusted by teams at

Get data to Responsys better with Hightouch

This destination lets you push data from various sources into Responsys to create profile lists and profile extension tables (PETs) so you can maintain up-to-date user profile segments. You can add members to seed your Responsys profile lists. Additionally, you can send data into profile extension tables to add attributes to profiles.

Responsys is a campaign management software from Oracle and allows you to connect, activate, and leverage data from multiple sources to define customer segments that improve engagement.

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Airtable to Responsys
Chaotic graph of interconnected nodes representing data warehouses, data, and business tools.

Before Hightouch

  • Inconsistent and inaccurate data
  • Laborious and expensive
  • Brittle and inflexible
Clean and easily readable graph of data moving from a warehouse node, to Hightouch, to business tools.

After Hightouch

  • Consistent and accurate
  • Observable and governed
  • Scalable and flexible

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