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Scale your pricing model in minutes

Implement a robust billing infrastructure in minutes, all with usage data you already have in your warehouse.

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Automate your billing in minutes, not months

Leverage the product data you already have to meter and aggregate usage, generate invoices, and alert customers.

Hightouch Audiences user interface.

Without Hightouch, we would have had to use valuable engineering time to set up custom endpoints to create financial records. Thanks to Hightouch, we were able to automate sales order and utility rebate invoice creation in under 30 minutes and our accounting team has a few extra hours each week to focus on value-added work.

James Ayoub.
Dandelion Energy

James Ayoub
Data Platform Lead at Dandelion Energy

James Ayoub.
Dandelion Energy

Save engineering resources and time

Create a robust billing infrastructure without needing to write custom code or build new pipelines. Automatically sync your product usage data directly into Stripe or NetSuite without ongoing maintenance from your engineering or finance teams, so they can focus on what they do best.

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Save engineering resources and time.
Save engineering resources and time.

Create a seamless billing experience

Integrate with 200+ destinations to create a delightful billing experience for customers. Automatically sync product usage data into Stripe or NetSuite to generate invoices, transactional databases to power your customers’ dashboards, Slack to alert your teams, and Salesforce to drive your go-to-market strategies.

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Create a seamless billing experience.
Create a seamless billing experience.

Flexibility and extensibility to power any business model

Updating business logic or pricing models? Easily and compliantly make any changes with just SQL. Preview your outcomes in-app to ensure your data and aggregation reflect your business logic.

Flexibility and extensibility to power any business model.
Flexibility and extensibility to power any business model.

Auditable changes and granular permissions

Keep your peace of mind: all changes to business logic, models, and syncs are logged so you can easily revisit and audit any transaction and updates. Define granular permissions to designate who has write or read access.

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Auditable changes and granular permissions.
Auditable changes and granular permissions.

Trusted by finance teams as the easiest to use Reverse ETL platform with the best support

Our customers love our industry leading observability, debugging, data modeling, and syncing features.

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Activate your data in less than 5 minutes