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The Ultimate Guide to Paid Media Integrations

Learn how to overcome browser tracking changes to maximize efficiency across leading ad platforms.

The current advertising landscape is changing at a rapid pace. Thanks to the push towards a privacy first internet, advertisers are quickly moving away from a reliance on third party data and browser based trackers in favor of first party data and server-side integrations.

Tinuiti, the largest independent performance marketing firm across Streaming TV and the Triopoly of Google, Meta, and Amazon, has teamed up with Hightouch, the leading data activation platform to create a guide to help marketers everywhere navigate these changes.

After reading this guide, you’ll have a better understanding of why first party data is so essential to advertising platforms, how server-side integrations can unlock large lifts in your return on ad spend, and all the steps needed to implement best in class integration strategies.

Read the guide to learn about:

  • Changes to the advertising ecosystem
  • The importance of conversion signals
  • The importance of first party data
  • The importance of server side integrations
  • How to get started with data activation

In partnership with

The Ultimate Guide to Paid Media Integrations.

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