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Product Roadmap: Completing the Composable CDP

Learn what Hightouch is building and will launch in the last quarter of 2023. Special attention will be given to our newly announced Hightouch Events feature— the final foundational component of Hightouch’s Composable CDP. Sign up for our white-glove webinar to request an exclusive invitation to join.

September 13, 2023

12 pm PT | 3 pm ET


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Meet the speakers

Tejas Manohar.

Tejas Manohar

Co-Founder & Co-CEO


Alec Haase.

Alec Haase

Product Marketing Lead


With our upcoming product releases, including Hightouch Events and other features we’ll announce during the webinar, Hightouch has evolved into a complete Composable CDP. Hightouch is building features so businesses don’t have to shop for multiple vendors to leverage the data warehouse as the foundation of their CDP, while remaining composable so organizations can choose which Hightouch products to add to their existing tech stack. This webinar will review Hightouch Events and several other new products in depth and outline the future of Hightouch’s product vision.

Product Roadmap: Completing the Composable CDP.