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How to use AI to automate account research and drive more sales

Learn how to use Hightouch and AI to automatically generate research reports for account-based marketing.

Made by: Hightouch


7 minutes

How to use AI to automate account research and drive more sales.

What if sales reps never had to waste time researching future accounts?

Sales reps can most effectively spend their time finding, qualifying, and closing deals. However, sales reps at most organizations find themselves spending a large portion of time each week on manual tasks like searching for contacts at their target accounts, and picking through large lists of leads to find the few that are great potential customers.

Automating these manual tasks allows sales reps to focus on driving actual value– and ultimately leads to higher productivity and revenue across a business.

At Hightouch specifically, we recently started our own Account Based Marketing campaign. We are targeting specific companies for advertising, sales outreach, and more. In order to target each company effectively, we needed to research their marketing needs- at scale.

As a revenue operations team member, I figured out a way to leverage AI and our own platform to automate account research for account-based marketing. Read on to see how I did it – and how you can too.

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